Maurizio Zamparini

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Maurizio Zamparini

Maurizio Zamparini (born 9 June 1941 in Sevegliano, Udine) is an Italian businessman and the current owner and chairman of Serie A club U.S. Città di Palermo.[1][2][3]

Zamparini has business interest in several fields, with Emmezeta department stores being the most important one. He entered into football in 1987, after having bought then Serie C2 club Venezia, saving it from a possible bankruptcy. His investments in the football club led Venezia to reach Serie A in a few years. He sold Venezia in 2002 in order to buy then-Serie B club Palermo from AS Roma chairman Franco Sensi with the goal to bring the Sicilian team back to Serie A in a very few years, a goal that was achieved in 2004.

In April 2012 he was suspended one year for involvement in third-party ownership; however, this was shortened to 5 months after appeal.[4] He is also famous for firing managers quite regularly.


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