Mauro Picone

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Mauro Picone
Mauro Picone
Born (1885-05-02)2 May 1885
Palermo, Italy
Died 11 April 1977(1977-04-11) (aged 91)
Rome, Italy
Nationality Italian
Alma mater Scuola Normale Superiore (1909)
Doctoral advisor Luigi Bianchi
Doctoral students see the teaching activity section
Known for

Mauro Picone (2 May 1885 – 11 April 1977) was an Italian mathematician. He is known for the Picone identity, the Sturm-Picone comparison theorem and being the founder of the Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo, presently named after him, the first applied mathematics institute ever founded.[1] He was also an outstanding teacher of mathematical analysis: some of the best Italian mathematicians were among his pupils.

Mauro Picone in 1903


Research activity[edit]

Attraverso le sue ricerche di analisi matematica, Mauro Picone ha contribuito notevolmente allo sviluppo della matematica del nostro secolo. Egli è stato inoltre un pioniere delle matematiche applicate.[2]

— Radu Voinea, (Voinea 1986, p. 38).

Teaching activity[edit]

Notable students:

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  2. ^ (English translation): "Through his research in mathematical analysis, Mauro Picone contributed greatly to the development of mathematics of the present century. He was also a pioneer in applied mathematics".


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