Mausoleum of Hazrat Mai Safoora Qadiriyya

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Tomb of Hazrat Mai Safoora Qadiriyya
(Urdu: رابعہ زماں حضرت مائی صفورہ قادریہ رحہ مزار ; Mazaar-e-Hazrat Mai Safoora Qadiriyya)
Mai safooa mazar.png
Outer view
Former names Durbar-e-Hazrat Mai Safoora Qadiriyya
General information
Type Mausoleum
Architectural style Qadiri architecture
Location Pakistan Jungle Mai Safoora, Pakistan
Design and construction
Architect Nawab Muzafar Khan's Engineers

Durbar-e-Hazrat Mai Safoora Qadiriyya was constructed in 1795 by the order of Multan`s Afghan ruler Nawab Muzafar Khan.[1] [2] Durbar depicts the style Qadiri architecture.

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  1. ^ Mazar of mai safoora. .  There are some other controversial points which have been challenged by Yousuf and one among them is the position of Khwaja Noor Muhammad Maharvi and Ali Haidar before Fakhr-i-Jahan who came from Aurangabad to Delhi in 1751 when Ali Haidar was of 64 years, therefore, stories of Ali Haidar, Noor Muhammad Maharvi and Khwaja Fakhr-i-Jahan are baseless. Qamar according to the claim of the Qazi family in his research says that Ali Haidar was a Qureshi by caste.
  2. ^ Official Mai Safoora  Yousuf says that Haidar was Sidhal Jat and the poet had himself called him Sidhal Jat. All Yousuf wants to say is that respected and learned Dr Qamar should have taken more pain while collecting information about the poet and his life.