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Turkish brand Mavi
Industry Textile
Founded 1991
Headquarters Istanbul, Turkey
Key people
Sait Akarlılar, founder; Cüneyt Yavuz, CEO
Products Denim
Revenue Increase$747 Million (2014/TL)

Mavi is a brand of denim and jeans-wear founded in 1991, based in Istanbul, Turkey. The company manufactures jeans for both women and men, targeting a younger age group. The global operation is headquartered in Turkey, with subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Russia and Australia.[1]

Mavi has flagship stores in New York City,[2] Vancouver, Istanbul, Berlin, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf.[1]

Celebrities who wear this brand of jeans include Kate Winslet and Chelsea Clinton.[3] In 2012, Adriana Lima signed a contract with Mavi for a marketing campaign, recording a series of commercials.[4] The campaign was so successful, that the sales increased 50%.[5]

The company's name derives from the fact that 'Mavi' is a Turkish word for blue. Its major factory in Çerkezköy, Tekirdağ Province.


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