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These characters appear in the Hotel Transylvania franchise created by comedy writer Todd Durham.[1] Almost all the characters are based on traditional monsters (werewolves, vampires, a dhampir, mummies, and Frankinstein, among others). The remaining guys are human.

Main characters[edit]

Count Dracula[edit]

Count "Drac" Dracula (voiced by Adam Sandler in the films, David Berni in the TV series) is based on the Count Dracula of lore. Although he is a vampire, he has no cravings for human blood, saying that he drinks a blood substitute and "you can't tell the difference". He also dislikes people implying he says "Bleh bleh bleh" all the time, as he only ever says it to state that he doesn't say it.

Not much is known about his early life, except that he bumped into Martha (a fellow vampire) one night. The two of them quickly "zinged" (fell in love). Martha then gave birth to Mavis, but was killed by an angry mob of humans, leading to his hatred of humans (but mainly Jonathan, shrunken heads and zombies). He raised Mavis on his own and built Hotel Transylvania to keep her safe.

Dracula is shown at the beginning of the first film, caring for baby Mavis. He teaches her how to morph into a bat, plays with her, and teaches her the things she needs to know. At one point, when Mavis asks what is in the outside world, he says that it is a horrible place. When she reaches her 118th birthday (equivalent to 18 in human years), he supposedly keeps his promise to let her go out into the world for the first time. However, it is a trick: he has built a fake village, which Mavis goes to, and fills it with "humans" (actually zombie hotel employees in disguise), and they try to destroy her and say how much they hate vampires. Mavis falls for it, and vows never to return to the outside world. However, Johnny follows the zombies to the hotel, and meets Mavis, and they "zing", evidenced by a purplish/pinkish "swirl" in both their eyes. Dracula repeatedly attempts to get rid of him to prevent him from being found out to be human. However, seeing how devastated Mavis is at losing Johnny, he realizes he has made a big mistake. He convinces the other monsters to help him get Johnny back, and eventually succeeds (at great personal risk). In the process, he finds out that humans are far more accepting of monsters nowadays. He gives his blessing to Mavis's love for Johnny.

At the beginning of the second movie, Mavis tells him she's pregnant. He is overjoyed, but makes things a bit difficult for her while she is pregnant (insisting that the baby is certain to be a vampire). He tries to teach the new baby (Dennis) his vampire abilities, without success. When Mavis and Johnny take a trip to California, he intensifies his efforts, which makes Mavis furious when she finds out. She says that they are moving to California so she can raise Dennis safely. Mavis invites Vlad to Dennis's 5th birthday party, and Dracula has everyone disguise themselves as monsters, as Vlad hates humans. However, when Vlad's efforts to get Dennis's vampire abilities to manifest go to far and frighten him, Dracula puts a stop to it. When Bela attempts to kidnap Dennis, causing his latent vampire abilities to finally manifest, Dracula and the rest of the gang fight off the rest of Bela's forces.

After the battle, Dennis hopefully asks Dracula if he is "cool" now that he is a vampire. Dracula shows that he has learned from his experience by assuring the boy that he was perfect no matter what he was. Dennis asks his mother if they can stay at Hotel Transylvania and she agrees. With Vlad now having realized that humans are no longer a threat, the second movie ends happily for Dracula.

In the four-year prequel TV series, Dracula is away on "official vampire business" at the Vampire Council, but appears from time to time as a supporting character.


Jonathan "Johnny" Lougran (voiced by Andy Samberg) is one of the main characters in the series who is namesake for an actor Jonathan Loughran. He is the first human inside Hotel Transylvania and falls in love with Mavis. He always carries his backpack and shows a strong connection with his backpack. It is always seen full. And it seems that he has managed to integrate with the rest of the monsters at the Hotel, as evidenced when he is used to their customs and manages to understand a toast by a non-English speaking monster during his wedding in Hotel Transylvania 2, while his family fails to blend in.

In the first movie Jonathan was traveling in an area close to the hotel. He is lost but follows a group of zombies (hotel employees) to Hotel Transylvania. At first, he thinks he's in a hostel and that everyone is wearing costumes, but he realizes that the monsters are all real when a skeleton threatens to beat him up after he passes his hand through his wife. Panicked, he runs into a witch's broom and flies throughout the hotel lobby. He crashes into Mavis (see below) and they "zing" (fall in love), as evidenced by a slight purple/pinkish flash in both their eyes. Afterwards, Count Dracula (see below) disguises him as "Johnnystein", Frankenstein's cousin. Mavis and Johnny get closer and, at the end of the film, when it is revealed that he is human (at this point, everyone in the hotel assumes humans are evil monster-killing machines, and they kissed mere seconds before the truth is out), Mavis says that she loves him anyway. Afterwards, Dracula realizes that he made a big mistake and convinces the rest of the monsters at Hotel Transylvania to help him get Johnny back (who is at this point going to the airport to leave forever). At the end, Dracula flies Johnny back to the hotel. Confessions are made, and they kiss.

In the beginning of the second movie, Johnny marries Mavis. It also marks the beginning of the Hotel being open to both humans and monsters. The first humans (besides himself) to enter are his family. Sometime later, it is revealed that Johnny has gotten Mavis pregnant and is going to be a father. They name their human/vampire hybrid Dennis, as it is a boy.

This prompts Mavis to find a "safer place for Dennis". However, Johnny does not want to leave the Hotel, feeling that Dennis won't like California, but is too afraid to speak up. As a result, he is willing to cooperate with Vlad and Dracula's plans to help Dennis develop the natural monster abilities he inherited from his vampire mother. In the end, Dennis develops his vampire abilities, and is able to stay at the hotel.


Mavis (voiced by Selena Gomez as an adult in the films, Sadie Sandler as a child in the first film, Bryn McAuley in the TV series) is the only daughter and child of Count Dracula and Martha. She is the wife of Johnny and the mother of young Dennis. She is shown to be more open to the human world than her father, as she knows how to use technology (cell phone, video chat, email) and is excited to see the world outside Hotel Transylvania and speaks with a New York accent.

She was born in 1894 to Count Dracula and Martha, two vampires who zinged at first sight at Paradise. When Mavis was a baby, a mob of humans stormed their house and set it on fire. As Dracula tried to reason with the angry mob, a scream was heard and Martha was murdered. She left a book for her daughter to open until her one hundred and eighteenth birthday. As she grew up with her overprotective father, she was taught that the outside world was an evil place. Dracula taught her how to use her innate vampire abilities himself. Count Dracula then built Hotel Transylvania so he can keep her safe, and provide a place where monsters could vacation and be themselves, free from discrimination.

In the first movie, Mavis is wanting to see the outside world. Dracula, wanting to protect his daughter from the dangers of the outside world, builds Hotel Transylvania. At first, everything works out. But as she grows older, she feels the need to go out and see the world, and that she doesn't want to stay at the hotel forever. A few days before her birthday, Dracula lets her go to a local village. It turns out that the humans at the village were like the ones her father had talked about. She goes back to the hotel, her dreams of seeing the world crushed, but a human named Jonathan will change her life. When she meets Jonathan, they zing. Jonathan talks to her about his experiences in the world and shows her a sunrise, which reactivates her optimism to see the world. Near the end, when everyone discovers that Johnny is indeed a human, she says she still loves him.

In the second movie, set 7 years later, Johnny and her (now 28 and 125 years old) get married. A year later, Mavis is pregnant with Johnny's baby, which makes Dracula ecstatic as he will be a grandfather. Months later, on Friday the 13th, they have a son and the Dracula bloodline continues on. They name him Dennis. Mavis becomes overprotective of Dennis, as she makes Dracula baby-proof the hotel, feeds him avocados, has him sleep during the night, and even considers moving to California to raise him in a safer environment because Dennis isn't showing any signs of being a vampire. In the end, Dennis finally develops his inherent vampire powers and they all stay in Hotel Transylvania.

In the third movie, Mavis accompanies her dad, husband, grandfather, and son Dennis on a monster cruise.

In Hotel Transylvania: The Series, Mavis is a 114 years old (as the show takes place 4 years prior to the original 3D movie) and is basically in charge of the Hotel while her father is away on business with the Vampire Council. She enjoys hanging out with her fellow monsters and cousins, which is usually ruined by her sneering and domineering aunt Lydia. She mainly tries to prove herself, but often sneaks out to explore more of the human town.

Frankenstein('s Monster)[edit]

Frankenstein (voiced by Kevin James in the films, Paul Braunstein in the TV series) is a monster who lives in an unknown location. He is deathly afraid of fire and mails himself everywhere. Since both he and his wife can be disassembled and reassembled at will with no harm to either of them, this is not a problem. In the second movie, he aids Drac in his quest to turn Dennis into a vampire, and joins the rest of the gang in repelling the attack by Bela and his minions.

In the prequel TV series, it is revealed that he is the father of Hank N Stein.


Eunice (voiced by Fran Drescher) is Frankenstein's wife.

In the prequel TV series, it is revealed that she is the mother of Hank N Stein.


Murray (voiced by CeeLo Green in the first movie, Keegan-Michael Key in the second and third movies) is a fat mummy from Egypt who has the power to summon sandstorms or just sand and to cast ancient Egyptian curses.


Wayne (voiced by Steve Buscemi) is a grown werewolf, the husband of Wanda, and the father of Winnie and least 301 wild and undisciplined wolf pups. He shows dog-like behavior in the second film, perhaps as a result of human presence at the hotel, or possibly because wolves and dogs are similar in nature. He is shown to be stressed due to his children causing chaos all the time, but he has little control over them. He tries to put them back in order, only to be completely ignored by everyone except Winnie. While rarely violent, he is very capable at slaughtering large numbers of sheep. In the second movie, he joins Dracula in his efforts to turn Dennis into a vampire. In the final fight against Bela's goons, he is quickly overrun, but he summons his enormous pack of children, who make short work of several of the attackers.


Wanda (voiced by Molly Shannon) is a grown female werewolf, the wife of Wayne, and the mother of Winnie and the rest of the wolf pups. She is seen in both movies, and is very pregnant both times. Unlike Wayne, she makes little attempt to control her kids' behavior, aside from trying to limit their sugar intake. When she does try to manage her children, she is more successful than Wayne, possibly because of her willingness to use a squirt-bottle.

Griffin the Invisible Man[edit]

Griffin (voiced by David Spade) is an invisible man and the only thing that can be seen are his brown glasses, although it seems he forgets he's invisible, as seen when he is insulted when Dracula says he hates red curly hair (which he has).

He also seems concerned with his appearance, as he gets embarrassed when Wayne pulls his pants down.

He is also seen preparing for Mavis's party in the first film. In the end of the second film, he bumps into a set of floating pink glasses, showing that he has found an "invisible woman." Griffin is seen driving the hotel's car when necessary.


Winnie (voiced by Sadie Sandler) is a werewolf pup. She is seen with a pink pacifier in the first film, but she doesn't have it in the second film. She has a very powerful sense of smell.

Winnie is part of a large family of werewolves. She is suspected to be the only daughter of Wayne and Wanda; she is the only one who wears clothes or colors that suggest such. Once she said she has 300 brothers. Her brothers are always seen causing chaos and destruction. Winnie is less prone to that, but it is observed that she can handle herself against them.

Winnie was a minor character in the first film, though she appears a few times, sucking a pink pacifier. Her main scene was when Wayne called upon his pack of wolf pups to smell Johnny's shirt (which presumably fell out of his backpack), as he claimed his own sense of smell has gone due to him changing diapers all the time. As the rest of the pack ignores him, Drac asks Wayne if any of his children still respect him. Wayne calls Winnie, who smells the shirt as ordered. It quickly becomes apparent that Winnie possesses a very strong sense of smell; just from smelling the shirt she is able to tell that Johnny was picked up by a car, and the car needed maintenance. She also knew that he was leaving by plane, had a window seat (and she knew which one), and had ordered the vegetarian meal.

Winnie plays a bigger role in the sequel. She has grown up, as she no longer has the pacifier and is more talkative. She and Dennis are best friends. She has a crush on Dennis, and considers Dennis her zing. She is first seen at a birthday party for six of her brothers; she pounces on Dennis and licks his face (dog-style, probably as a result of being a werewolf). Her mom Wanda goes to the scene seconds after, and drives her off with a spray bottle. She is seen again before Dennis leaves the party, and seems sad when he has to go. She attends Dennis's fifth birthday party, once again pouncing on him and licking his face. When Dennis's cousins try to bully him for being "beaten by a girl", she growls in response, scaring them away. At the end of the party, a frightened and confused Dennis flees. Winnie accompanies him and escorts him to her treehouse. When he apologizes for not being a monster, she assures him that he's the nicest boy she knows. Moments later, Bela arrives and grabs them both. He teases Dennis, provoking Winnie to bite his hand. Enraged, he throws her towards a tree and she whimpers in pain. Dennis, seeing his best friend threatened, flies into a rage, causing his vampire abilities to manifest. After the fight, she is revealed not to have been seriously hurt. As the film ends, she is seen dancing with Dennis.


Dennis (AKA Dennisovitch) (voiced by Sunny Sandler as a baby, (Adam's second real life daughter) Asher Blinkoff as a child) is one of the new characters introduced in Hotel Transylvania 2. He is the human/vampire hybrid son of a 28-year-old human (Johnny) and a 125-year-old vampire girl (Mavis) born on Friday the 13th. Therefore, he is a dhampir. Although he has his mother's blue eyes, he mostly resembles his father, Jonathan, especially his red and wildly curly hair. At age 5, he is about the same height as Winnie. On Dracula's growth chart, which he used for Mavis as well, it is seen that he grew about as fast as his mother did.

At the start of the second movie, Mavis tells her dad that she is pregnant. Months later, Dennis is born. Mavis proves to be a slightly overprotective parent, as Dracula was with her, while Dracula is worried that Dennis hasn't grown fangs yet. At a birthday party for 6 of Wayne's pups, he plays with his best friend Winnie (who has a crush on him). Mavis reveals at the party that she's worried that Dennis, being apparently human, might not be safe at the hotel and is considering moving to California with Johnny's family. Later, Dracula comes up with a plan. Johnny, who doesn't want to leave the hotel, agrees to cooperate with Dracula. He takes an unsuspecting Mavis to his hometown while Dracula "helps" Dennis.

Dracula makes several attempts to encourage Dennis to manifest his vampire abilities, peaking with throwing him off a high tower in hopes that he will turn into a bat. He does not, and Dracula has to rescue him (at the last second). Mavis finds out, and is livid. She goes back to the hotel and declares her intention to move to California for good after Dennis's 5th birthday party. She invites Vlad to the party, and he attends. He thinks Dennis is 100% vampire and that he is just a "late fanger" like his son. In a last attempt to help Dennis grow his fangs, Vlad possesses Kakie the Cake Monster, Dennis's idol at the time. Dracula, seeing that Dennis was getting too scared, finally realizes that the efforts to turn Dennis into a vampire have gone too far and intervenes. Then the adults start arguing. Dennis, unable to handle the situation, flees the hotel, accompanied by Winnie.

Winnie takes Dennis to her treehouse, where he says that he has to move away to California and "apologizes" for not being a monster like her or the others at Hotel Transylvania. Winnie assures him that he's the nicest boy she's ever met. Moments after, Bela attacks. He teases Dennis for his human heritage and not being 100% vampire. Winnie bites his hand, which leads to her being violently thrown aside. Seeing his best friend hurt, Dennis exploded into a wild rage, and his vampire abilities instantly manifested: his fangs sprouted, he gained the ability to transform into a bat, and developed a measure of the magical power that his mother and grandfather had. He easily beat Bela back, causing the creature to summon his "mean friends". A ferocious battle occurred between them and Dennis and his family and friends, and Bela's minions were quickly routed. With Dennis's innate vampire abilities having somewhat developed, Mavis was confident that her son could take care of himself and decided to stay in Hotel Transylvania.


Vlad (voiced by Mel Brooks) is Dracula and Lydia's father, Martha's father-in-law, Mavis' paternal grandfather, Dennis' paternal great-grandfather, and Johnny's grandfather-in-law. Nothing is known about his life.

He is first seen near the end of the second movie, when he receives an invitation to his great-grandson's fifth birthday party. He says that Dracula has finally invited him to something. He makes a dramatic entrance and says that Dennis is just a "late fanger" like his son. His plan is to possess Kakie the Cake Monster and scare the fangs out of him. However, Dracula realizes that Vlad's efforts to make a vampire out of Dennis (and ironically his own as well) have gone too far. He confronts his father on the subject and states that if he cannot accept his great-grandson as he is, he's a fool. Mavis says that she should have never invited him to the party. Vlad takes their words to heart. When Bela attempts to kill Johnny with a stake, he stops him and shrinks him to a harmless size. He then tells him to never come near him or his family ever again. Afterward, he reveals that they shouldn't have worried about when Dennis's fangs were going to come out, as his "came out" long ago as he reveals that he wears a set of false vampire teeth.

Ericka Van Helsing[edit]

Ericka Van Helsing (voiced by Kathryn Hahn) is a ship captain of a monster cruise called the Legacy and the great-granddaughter of Abraham Van Helsing.

When Ericka first appeared, she became the love interest of Count Dracula. Ericka goes to a secret room on the lower decks where she meets Abraham Van Helsing, who is revealed to be her great-grandfather and is almost completely mechanized to avoid death. Van Helsing has plans to eliminate all the monsters in the cruise upon its arrival at the lost city of Atlantis using an Instrument of Destruction that could be found in Atlantis's ruins. Van Helsing makes Ericka promise to not assassinate Dracula beforehand, but she repeatedly attempts to do so anyway, albeit unsuccessfully, much to her frustration. After failing to kill Dracula at an underwater volcano, Ericka loudly moans about being unable to get him. Dracula's friends hear this, and, thinking that Ericka likes him, inform Dracula about what they heard. Dracula nervously asks Ericka out on a date, and she accepts since she sees this as another chance to kill the vampire. However, as they dine on a deserted island, Ericka begins to reciprocate Drac's feelings after they learn about each other's pasts.

Later, Mavis confronts Dracula at Atlantis, and Dracula states that Ericka "Zinged" him. After Ericka is told what a "zing" is, she rejects Dracula's romantic feelings, saying she can't be with a monster, leaving Dracula heartbroken. When Van Helsing shows up and pushes away the DJ, a heartbroken Ericka is forced to reveal that she is his great-granddaughter. Ericka saves Dracula from the Kraken and pleads with her great-grandfather to stop the destruction, confessing to Drac that she fell for him as well, which infuriates Van Helsing and causes him to attack them both. After Dracula saves Van Helsing's life and apologizes for his actions, Dracula proposes to Ericka at Hotel Transylvania who agrees to marry him.

Supporting characters[edit]


Blobby (voiced by Jonny Solomon in the second movie, Genndy Tartakovsky in the third movie) is a green blob monster who speaks blob language hasn't seen the outside world until the sequel.

He was used to break Johnny's fall in the original movie and was seen in the sauna.

In the sequel, he "hugged" Johnny's mom and was seen on the side of the car, listening to a popular song while Dracula forced everyone else to listen to Bigfoot's life story, which he reads himself on an audiobook, which no one really liked, except for Drac, who was smiling.

In Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, Blobby accompanies Drac on a cruise. During the cruise, Blobby gets seasick and spews out slime that forms into a child.

In the prequel TV series, the episode "Bad Friday" revealed that Blobby is the father of Wendy Blob. In addition, Blobby is drawn to wear a hat and sports a mouth.


Crystal (voiced by Chrissy Tiegen) is an invisible woman.

She made a brief cameo in Hotel Transylvania 2 where she meets Griffin and fall in love.

In Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, Crystal has become Griffin's girlfriend.



Hank N. Stein[edit]


Wendy Blob[edit]


Tinkles (voiced by Joe Whyte) is a giant puppy and Dennis' pet who first appears in the short Puppy!.

In his debut, Tinkles was obtained by Count Dracula when Mavis and Johnny think that Dennis having a pet is too much of a responsibility. He does cause some trouble for Count Dracula.

In Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, Dennis sneaks Tinkles on the vacation that Mavis plans for Dracula.

Recurring characters[edit]

Quasimodo Wilson[edit]

Quasimodo Wilson (voiced by Jon Lovitz in the film, Scott McCord in the TV series) is the chef of the hotel. He would have to put up with Dracula's menu suggestions. Quasimodo despises humans where he even wants to make a dish out of them as well being abusive to a gargoyle waiter. He was the first person besides Dracula to know that Johnny is a human. Quasimodo was frozen by Dracula's powers enabling the gargoyle he abused to put Quasimodo's fingers up his nose. With Esmeralda's help, a frozen Quasimodo announced Johnny's true nature during Mavis' celebration where the Fly translated his frozen language. Around the end of the film, Quasimodo is still magically frozen and being licked by Wayne and Wanda's pups.

Although Quasimodo isn't seen or mentioned in the second film, he does appear in the video game adaption where he is now reformed and no longer has issues with humans.

In the prequel TV series, Quasimodo is depicted with yellow hair and puts up with the criticism of his cooking from Mavis and her friends and Aunt Lydia.


Esmeralda is Quasimodo's pet brown rat who can sniff out any humans. After Quasimodo was magically frozen by Dracula, Esmerelda helps him expose Johnny as a human during Mavis' party.

Although Esmeralda isn't seen or mentioned in the second film, she does appear in the video game adaption where she is now reformed like her owner.


The Fly (voiced by Chris Parnell) is an insectoid fly who is Hotel Transylvania's fitness coordinator. He can also translate any speech even if it's a frozen language. A recurring gag in the film is that the Fly would spit in his hands and rub it as he tells those following his exercise moves not to do that.

In the second film, he looks at a phone app that Johnny has shown him. Fly is shown to have a kid as seen when they attend the birthday party of Wayne and Wanda's pups.

Hotel Transylvania staff[edit]

The following are staff members at Hotel Transylvania:

Calaca Mariachi Band[edit]

Three Calacas make up Hotel Transylvania's mariachi band.


The Gargoyles work as Hotel Transylvania's waiters. One Gargoyle waiter was often abused by Quasimodo.

Headless Horseman[edit]

The Headless Horseman is Hotel Transylvania's designated chauffeur who has a jack-o'-lantern for a head. He is the one who drives the guests to and from Hotel Transylvania.

In the first film, he brings Wayne and Wanda's family to Hotel Transylvania as Wayne warns him that one of his kids left a mess in his car. Johnny later runs into the Headless Horseman causing his jack-o'-lantern head to accidentally be knocked off amidst the panic.

In the second film, the Headless Horseman transports Mavis and Johnny to the airport. Later on, he brings Johnny's family to Hotel Transylvania.

In the TV series, the Headless Horseman is replaced by an invisible driver.

Sentient Tables[edit]

The Sentient Tables appear to be normal tables with tablecloths that have faces on them, but they can float and move on their own when given an order. Each of the Sentient Tables are named by their number and moved to whatever numbered position that they are told to go. In addition, they seem to understand the mind of the person who calls them and they can fly quite swiftly to achieve what they are ordered.

Shrunken heads[edit]

The shrunken heads (voiced by Luenell and Jim Wise) are Hotel Transylvania's equivalent to the "Do Not Disturb" signs and are hung on doorknobs, and they all say "do not disturb", but they will sometimes say other things when they deem it appropriate. It is unknown how they got there.

Suit of Armors[edit]

The Suit of Armors are a group of walking knight armor with nobody inside of them suggesting that they are ghosts that possessed the armor. They are led by a lead Knight Armor (voiced by Brian George) who reports everything to Count Dracula. The Suits of Armor work as Hotel Transylvania's security guards.


The Witches are used for Hotel Transylvania's housekeeping and are usually seen cleaning up the mess left behind by the werewolf pups.

In Good Night Mr. Foot, one Witch (voiced by Rose Abdoo) was shown bothering Bigfoot which ended with a pillow fight.


Zombies are seen as the hotel's staff and run everything from the front desk clerks and bellhops. One zombie (vocal effects provided by Paul Brittain) works as a plumber. The only thing they don't do is housekeeping and security as that is the job of the witches and the suits of armor. They seem to have some sense of how to use technology as they can "use" smartphones and one of them has a Facebook account. They were probably taught in the ways of technology by Johnny.


There are Dragons who breathe fire on the firewood that produces steam for Hotel Transylvania's sauna.

Giant Octopus[edit]

An unseen Giant Octopus uses its tentacle to provide the diving board for Hotel Tranylvania's swimming pool.


Bela (voiced by Rob Riggle) is a vampire bat monster, Vlad's companion. He attacked Winnie and Dennis and threatened to destroy the Hotel Transylvania, enraging Dennis to the point that his vampire abilities manifested. Bela was then severely beaten by the boy. He summoned his fellow vampire bat monsters, but they were driven off by Dracula and his family and friends. Unwilling to give up, he attacked Johnny with a spike only to be stopped by Vlad and shrunk to a harmless size as Vlad tells him never to bother him or his family again. He then became a play-thing for the wolf pups.


Abraham Van Helsing[edit]

Abraham Van Helsing (voiced by Jim Gaffigan) is a vampire hunter, the archenemy of Count Dracula.

In 1897, Abraham Van Helsing followed a disguised Count Dracula and his friends onto a train where he exposed them. When they were forced to the roof, Dracula threw his friends to safety. Van Helsing has since hunted Dracula who continued to outsmart him.

Many years later, Abraham Van Helsing has been mechanized to avoid death and has brought his great-granddaughter Ericka into his business. When Ericka meets with her great-grandfather in a secret room aboard the Legacy, Van Helsing has plans to eliminate all the monsters in the cruise upon its arrival at the lost city of Atlantis using an Instrument of Destruction that could be found in Atlantis's ruins. Van Helsing makes Ericka promise to not assassinate Dracula beforehand, but she repeatedly attempts to do so anyway, albeit unsuccessfully, much to her frustration.

When at Atlantis, Van Helsing knocks out the DJ upon being given the Instrument of Destruction in the form of some sheet notes. When he plays it, the song drives the Kraken that lives nearby crazy enough to attack the monsters. When the Instrument of Destruction shreds itself upon Johnny playing the Macarena on his portable DJ kit, Van Helsing also ends up dancing and accidentally slips and falls but is saved by Dracula. Touched by this act of kindness, Van Helsing apologizes and gives everyone a full refund for the cruise before sending them back.


The Kraken (voiced by Joe Jonas) is a massive blue sea monster with tentacles and sharp teeth that lives near Atlantis.

When the Legacy arrives at Atlantis, the Kraken appears and sings them a song while welcoming them to Atlantis. When Abraham Van Helsing plays the Instrument of Destruction, the Kraken wakes up from his underwater bed and is mind-controlled to attack Count Dracula and the other monsters. When the Kraken starts to use it's tentacles to suffocate Dracula and Mavis fails to save him, Ericka takes action and successfully rescues Dracula from the Kraken. Not pleased that Ericka has fallen in love with Dracula, Van Helsing commands the Kraken to attack them. Using the portable DJ kit, Johnny and Dracula play different songs infused with magic to free the Kraken from the mind-control and destroy the Instrument of Destruction. As the cruise ship sails home, the Kraken says goodbye to them.

Minor characters[edit]

These characters only make brief appearances and do not play a big part in the plots of the movies.

Werewolf pups[edit]

The werewolf pups are a group of at least 301 werewolf pups whose mother is Wanda and whose father is Wayne.

It is suspected that they're all boys, and that Winnie is the only girl amongst them, though she might simple be the only one who wears girl-appropriate clothing. They are always shown causing chaos and destruction while Winnie looks on. Their exact number is unknown; once Winnie said that she has 300 brothers, but there is no way of knowing if that was all of them or just the males. But they are shown to not be completely uncontrollable: while they don't listen to their father at all (except Winnie), they generally do listen to Dracula. When he reminds one of the pups to not chew on his cape, the pup even says: "Sorry, Uncle Drac."

The werewolf pups make cameo appearances in the TV series.


Old Gremlin[edit]

The Old Gremlin is a slow-moving gremlin who is the activities director at Hotel Transylvania.

Elderly Gremlin[edit]

The Elderly Gremlin is a character who has a running gag through the series where she eats something in one bite and says "I didn't do that" (probably as a reference to Bart Simpson who often says "I didn't do it!").

Dracula makes everyone follow his "schedule" (actually just a series of boring things as a punishment for Johnny) which included:

  1. Bingo
  2. A hotel-wide game of charades

At the bingo game, Frankenstein's wife has won and yells "Bingo!", but then the Gremlin Lady eats the card.

At the charades game, Johnny, who is bored, just like everyone else, takes out his scooter, which the Gremlin Lady ate. During the part where the monsters are trying to check out, the Elderly Gremlin claimed that Johnny made her eat his scooter.

In the second film, the Elderly Gremlin ate one of the attackers working for Bela and also ate Dennis's birthday cake just as he was going to blow out the candle as she quotes "I didn't do that!"

Countess Martha[edit]

Countess Martha (voiced by Jackie Sandler) was the beloved wife of Dracula, and Mavis' late mother who had waist-length black hair, pale skin, and light blue eyes. She was murdered by a mob of fearful humans who had fatally stabbed her in 1895 when her only daughter was merely an infant. Martha had convinced her husband to flee and take their only child with him.

A painting of her next to her husband is hidden by a black veil in the basement. It is unknown whether she possessed any supernatural abilities courtesy of monsters. A legend of her was passed on through the centuries in which she was called "Lady Lubov" by humans, who had altered the circumstances of her death to where she simply disappeared in a mysterious fire.


Marty (voiced by Robert Smigel) is a pink gill-man.


Bigfoot (voiced by Corey Burton in Goodnight, Mr. Foot) is a recurring guest at Hotel Transylvania. This version is one of the largest monster guests at Hotel Transylvania.

In Goodnight, Mr. Foot, Bigfoot checks into Hotel Transylvania and is bothered by a witch maid which ends with the two of them getting into a pillow fight.

In the first film, the lead Suit of Armor tells Dracula of a clogged toilet in Room 348. Bigfoot is nearby and growls. Dracula quotes to Bigfoot that everybody gets stomachaches. During the gymnasium games, Bigfoot accidentally crushes a zombie.

In the second film, Bigfoot attends Mavis and Johnny's wedding where his tears soak Linda. It was later mentioned by Frank that Bigfoot is doing well in the German's Soccer League.


The Hydra (voiced by Paul Brittain, Craig Kellman, Brian McCann, Jonny Solomon, and Jim Wise) is a six-headed snake monster that is a recurring guest at Hotel Transylvania and is one of the largest monster guests. He is first seen where he complains to Count Dracula about the room service.

Mr. Hyde[edit]

Mr. Hyde is a deformed yellow humanoid with an underbite who is a recurring guest at Hotel Transylvania.

Zombie Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart[edit]

The zombie version of Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart are shown as some of the entertainment at Hotel Transylvania.

In the first film, Count Dracula had to break up a fight between them and Frank, Wayne, and Murray over the entertainment dispute. The three zombies are later seen dancing at the party where they occasionally switched heads with each other.

Erik, Phantom of the Opera[edit]

Erik, the Phantom of the Opera (voiced by Jon Lovitz) is Hotel Transylvania's residential musician who appears in the second film. He is first seen playing melancholy music at Mavis and Johnny's wedding and even played music during the dinner with Mavis and Johnny's family while listening in on their conversation. The Phantom of the Opera later plays music during Dennis' fifth birthday party during the performance of the person performing Kakie. During Dracula's heated argument between Mavis and Jonathan, they get fed up with the Phantom of the Opera playing his music during this time and shout at him to shut up.

Johnny's family[edit]


Mike Loughran (voiced by Nick Offerman) is Johnny's father.


Linda Loughran (voiced by Megan Mullally) is Johnny's mother.

Troy, Connor and Parker[edit]

In the sequel, it is shown that Dennis has 3 cousins named Troy (voiced by Ethan Smigel), Connor and Parker. They are first seen at the family dinner where they mention to Dennis that Hotel Transylvania is pretty cool. When they ask him who the coolest monster is (amongst the monsters at the hotel) and he responds with Kakie, they laugh at him.

Later, at Dennis' birthday party when Winnie pins Dennis to the ground and starts licking his face, they tease him for getting "beaten by a girl". Winnie growls at them, scaring them away. They are last seen at the end of the film when Dennis, using his newfound monster powers, defends them from Bela's forces.

Simon and William[edit]

Simon and William Loughran are Johnny's brothers.


Melly Loughran is Johnny's sister.

Harry Three-Eye[edit]

Harry Three-Eye (voiced by Robert Smigel) is a three-eyed monster magician with tentacles for a moustache.


Kakie (voiced by Chris Kattan) is a "monster" in a little kid's cartoon series of the same name. He exists fully in the Hotel Transylvania universe. His main act is reminding kids to share, reminds them that too many sweets are bad, and of course eating cake.


Kal (voiced by Doug Dale) is a mini-mart employee. He has only appeared for about a minute in Hotel Transylvania 2 and only said 4 words (and a shrug):

  • Yes - When Mavis asks if she could really choose between all the different types of chips.
  • (Shrug) - When Mavis asks how humans chose between all the chips.
  • Yes - When Mavis asks if they're open all night when she wants to try all the different favors of Slurpee and Johnny says they don't have time.
  • Hello, world - Kal waving to the security camera.

When Mavis arrives at her first mini-mart, she is amazed by all the different choices, the Slurpee machine, and the security camera, thinking it is a regular camera and that someone is making a movie, and she's in it.


Klaus is Mavis' cousin.


Stan (voiced by Chris Parnell) is a fish-man that works on the Legacy.

Guest stars[edit]


  • The word "zing" is used by only 4 of the characters (Dracula, Mavis, Frankenstein and Winnie). Winnie is the character who says it the most. Although it officially means energy or "a quality or characteristic that excites the interest, enthusiasm, etc.",[2] the (first) film defines it as a powerful romantic connection between the two "zingers", and somehow causes a pinkish/purplish swirl in their eyes. It also means that they will be married and that they will love each other forever. It also says that a "zing only happens once in your life".


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