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Baby Memoiral Hospital, Mavoor Road

Mavoor Road is the busiest High street of Kozhikode city in Kerala, India. This road connects the Mananchira pond area with the Kozhikode Medical College. After the medical college, the road is extended further to the little village of Mavoor but the term 'Mavoor Road' refers to the section between the city and the Medical college.[1]


100 years ago the beach area was the centre of Kozhikode city. In the 1970s the downtown shifted to Mananchira area and again, in the 1980s, Mavoor Road became the centre of attraction. In 2010s, Thondayad Bypass area and Palazhi on the Airport road has emerged as the new city centre with a vibrant night life.

Jaffer Khan Colony[edit]

Jaffer Khan Street is a commercial locality in the heart of Kozhikode city. This colony is located opposite to the new bus station in the Mavoor Road. The street has a Muslim flavor because of a large number of perfume shops frequented by Arab visitors. The locality also has many mosques, a Hajj house and several Sunni cultural centres. The Oyiska Youth Centre is located on the other side of the Jaffer Khan Colony across the footpath on the swamp. The Brahmakumaris have a big meditation centre in this colony. The northern end of the street is called Ashokapuram.

The Planetarium[edit]

Planetarium Kozhikode

The Regional Science Centre and Planetarium is a popular destination of schoolchildren. This facility is maintained by the Central Government. There are regular exhibitions and shows inside the campus. In addition to the main show, the centre also has a theatre for 3-D demonstrations for the children. The compound is also very spacious and attractive.

Balan K Nair Road[edit]

Balan K Nair Road begins from near the Zoological Survey of India near Jaffer Khan colony. It connects to Rajendra Nursing Home and Nadakkavu localities. K.P.Chandran Road moves in the opposite direction and connects to Sarovaram Bio Park. The road to the northern side connects to Jawahar Nagar and Kottaram Road areas.

KSRTC Bus Station[edit]

The New KSRTC Bus Station has 350,000 sq.ft. floor space

KSRTC Kozhikode is the biggest bus station of North Kerala in India. It is situated on the Mavoor Road on the western side of Kozhikode city. The shopping facility attached to the bus station has a plinth area of 350,000 sq.feet. Parking space is provided for 270 cars.

U.K.Shankaran Road[edit]

U.K.Shankaran Road is a small street starting from the opposite side of L.B.S.Computer College on the Mavoor Road. This street has Our College, Madhyamam City office and an SIO office. The road diverts to the western side and ends up at the Animals Hospital on the Wayanad Road.


Ashokapuram Junction connects Mavoor Road with the Nadakkavu area. Ashokapuram has prominent organizations like Rajendra Nursing Home, IHRD College, Marx Engels Bhavan and BSNL GM Office.

Important Landmarks in Mavoor Road[edit]

  • LBS Computer College
  • Madhyamam City Bureau
  • Our College
  • Focus Hypermarket
  • Mofusial Bus stand
  • KSRTC Bus Stand.
  • Calicut Medical College.
  • St. Joseph Devagiri College.

Mavoor Road after Medical College[edit]

The term Mavoor Road is used only for the 8.3 km stretch of road between Mananchira and Calicut Medical College. The road goes another 13 kam and ends in Mavoor town. This second stretch of Mavoor Road has many important towns and villages like:

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