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Coat of arms of the prince Mavrocordatos

Mavrocordatos (also Mavrocordato, Mavrokordatos, Mavrocordat, Mavrogordato or Maurogordato; Greek: Μαυροκορδάτος) is the name of a family of Phanariot Greeks originally from Chios, a branch of which was distinguished in the history of the Ottoman Empire, Wallachia, Moldavia, and modern Greece.[1] The family – whose members were given a status equal to a Prince of the Holy Roman Empire and later became Hospodars – was founded by the late-Byzantine noble (and merchant) Nicholas Mavrocordatos (1522–1570) from the island of Chios. In 1875 Marvrocordato family members also became recognized as Princes of the Russian Empire by the Emperor Alexander II of Russia.

Notable members of the family[edit]

Portrait of Mavrocordatos family, 19th-century.
  • Nicholas Mavrocordatos (1670–1730), Alexander's son, ruler of Wallachia (two times) and Moldavia (two times)
  • Alexander Mavrokordatos, Nicholas' son
  • Nicholas Mavrokordatos, ban of Wallachia
  • John Mavrokordatos, Nicholas' son, ruler of Moldavia (1743–1747)


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