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Ivan Ivanovich Mavrov (26 June 1936 – 8 August 2009) was a Ukrainian physician.

He was born in Mariupol (Ukraine). In 1960 he graduated as doctor of medical sciences, Donetsk Medical Institute. During the period 1960 - 1977 he held the positions, first head physician of local rural hospital, the then, managing doctor of dermatovenereology branch of a big hospital, then the head physician of the City dermatovenereologic clinic, finally, the Manager of the City Public Health Department. Then he became professor and director of Institute of Dermatology and Venereology Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (1977–2009), managing faculty of skin and venereal diseases of the Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (1984–2009).

He was the founder of scientific school, the editor-in-chief of the journal «Dermatology and venereology», he received 35 patents and 19 copyright certificates for the invention. Under his management 8 doctor's and 37 master's theses were successfully protected. I.I. Mavrov’s scientific directions – were Sexually Transmitted Diseases – the study of biological and genetic features of the venereal infections causative agents; functions and impairments of cell membranes at skin and venereal diseases; development of new diagnostic tests; ecological and social researches.

Mavrov published more than 350 scientific works on various topics in dermatology and venereology, including 12 monographies: «Urogenital Chlamydiosis », 1983; «Treatment and preventive maintenance of gogococcal infections», 1984; «Microcirculation at dermatosis», 1985; «Contact infections which are sexually transmitted», 1989; « Sexual diseases», 1994, 2002 (sustained five editions in Ukraine and published abroad); «HIV-infection: actual questions of clinic, diagnostics, epidemiology and preventive maintenance», 1994; «The Herpes-virus infection», 1998, “Human qualities and human relations”, 2005. I.I. Mavrov wrote the basic sections of manuals for doctors «Venereal diseases», 1991; «Unification of laboratory methods of research at the sexually transmitted infections», 2001; and also directories «Rationale diagnostics and treatment in dermatovenereology», 2007, «Bases of diagnostics and treatment in dermatology and venereology », 2008; «Etudes to diagnostics and treatment in dermatology and venereology», 2009.