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Mavshack is a SVOD (Streaming Video On Demand) subscription service that offers Asian movies, music videos and TV shows to a global audience.

The company was established in 2007 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The company is listed on Nasdaq OMX under the ticker symbol MAV with offices in Stockholm and Manila. It started its subscription-based digital distribution service in 2013 and is now offering a wide collection of Asian entertainment, predominantly from the Philippines and India.

Mavshack offers entertainment in Filipino, Hindi, Punjabi, Chinese, Indonesian, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Gujarati and Marathi. Each subscriber selects the desired language and content, but will always have access to the entire catalogue of entertainment.


A Mavster is a person who is registered to Mavshack's video streaming service ; a Mavshack fan.


Jonas Litborn (CEO and Director, Mavshack AB), Vicente Del Rosario Jr. (CEO, Viva Entertainment Inc.), Vincent Del Rosario (Executive Vice President, Viva Communications Inc.

In 2011 Mavshack (then named 24hTechnologies) and VIVA Entertainment collaborated in creating a specific platform that could stream content online. With this in mind, they created today's Mavshack. On September 2011, Mavshack finally launched the first-ever movie streaming of Filipino movies using Facebook as its platform. Since its launch, Mavshack has been airing movies, TV shows and concerts for Filipinos around the world.

During 2013 Mavshack the web portal was launched, offering Filipino content to Filipinos outside of the Philippines. By the end of the first year Mavshack had extended the offer and target group to include not only Filipinos within the Philippines, but also Chinese, Indonesian and Indian speaking people by offering Asian content from these regions as well.

In 2015 Mavshack purchased the Filipino production company Ambientmedia which gave the company its on production capability. Ambientmedia co-produced the movie RPG Metanoia, which is a 2010 Filipino 3D computer-animated adventure film produced by Ambientmedia, Thaumatrope Animation and Star Cinema. It is the first full length Philippine animated film presented in 3D. It was an official entry at the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival. It won the title for 3rd Best Picture, Best Sound Recording and Best Original Theme Song, as well as the Quezon City's Special Citation given for being a Gender Sensitive Movie.

Internet video streaming[edit]

Mavshack offers Internet video streaming ("Watch Instantly") of selected titles to computers running Windows, Mac OS X, and other compatible devices including tablet computers and smartphones.

The offer of Mavshack content is more or less the same regardless of the region, however a certain selection of available titles is based upon the user's IP address due to specific restrictions for certain titles from our content providers. For most users, this corresponds to the user's physical location.

Device Support[edit]

The Mavshack app is available on iOS, Android and Amazon devices. supports PC, MAC, Linux, Android and IOS devices, with a minimum Internet connection of 1.5 Mbit/s.

Possibility to watch on more than once device at the same time[edit]

Users can watch up to 2 simultaneous streams from the same location (public IP address). If someone would like to watch more than two different videos at the same time they have to purchase an additional subscription.

Content Providers[edit]

In January 2014 Mavshack had signed with a total of nine Asian content providers. The company aims to cover the biggest part of different local content providers in order to provide a large range of different content to the customers.

Per Lundquist (VP Sales & Acquisitions) with H brothers in China

Chinese content providers:

  • Tsanghao Animation
  • H Brothers

Indian content providers:

  • Unisys
  • Indiacast
  • Rajshri Entertainment

Indonesian content providers:

  • RAPI films

Filipino content providers:

  • VIVA Communications
  • PBO


  • Java films


Mavshack has worked with many different partners during 2013. The company strategy is to continue interesting partnerships that can give an additional value for customers. The big hit during 2013 was popstar Sarah Geronimo and the sponsorship of her perfect 10 concerts.


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