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Mawlamyine University
မော်လမြိုင် တက္ကသိုလ်
Moulmein University - panoramio - joinai.jpg
Former names
Moulmein Intermediate College (1953)
Mawlamyaing Degree College (1964)
Motto Enshrine the education, serves the peoples' will
Type Public
Established 1953
Rector Dr. Htay Aung
Students ~ approximately 10,000 [1]
Postgraduates Master of Science, Master of Arts
Location Taungwaing Road, Mawlamyine
Mon State, Myanmar

Coordinates: 16°26′22″N 97°39′2″E / 16.43944°N 97.65056°E / 16.43944; 97.65056
Campus Urban
Affiliations University of Yangon
University of Mawlamyaing.gif

Mawlamyine University (also the University of Mawlamyine; Burmese: မော်လမြိုင် တက္ကသိုလ် [mɔ̀ləmjàɪɴ tɛʔkəθò]), located in Mawlamyine, is the largest university in Mon State, Myanmar. Being established in 1953, Mawlamyine University is the third oldest Arts and Science university in the country after Yangon University (est 1878) and Mandalay University (est 1925). The university offers bachelor's and master's degree programs in liberal arts and sciences. It is one of the few universities in the country to offer a specialization in marine science in the country.[2]


The university was founded in 1953 as Moulmein Intermediate College under Rangoon University.[2] It was renamed Mawlamyaing Degree College in 1964. It became an independent university in 1986.


Classified as an Arts and Science university in the Burmese university education system, Mawlamyine University offers bachelor's and master's degree programs in common liberal arts and sciences disciplines. Its regular Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BSc) take four years to complete and honors degree programs BA (Hons) and BSc (Hons) take six years. The law program also takes five years.[3]

Mawlamyine University is one of few universities in Myanmar, offering a degree in Marine Science. Its Marine Science Laboratory in Setse, a coastal town about 83 km south of Mawlamyine was the first of its kind in Myanmar.[2]

Program Bachelor's Master's Doctorate
Burmese BA MA
English BA MA
Geography BA MA
History BA MA
Philosophy BA MA
Psychology BA MA
Botany BSc MSc
Chemistry BSc MSc
Marine Science BSc
Mathematics BSc MSc
Physics BSc MSc
Oriental Studies BSc MSc
Zoology BSc MSc
Geology BSc MSc


List of rectors[edit]

  1. Dr. Khin Maung Tint (Tekkatho Phone Naing)
  2. Mahn Thet San PhD
  3. Hla Tun Aung
  4. Kyi Win
  5. San Tint
  6. Saw Han Shein
  7. Dr. Htay Aung
  8. Dr. Kyaw Tin Nwe (WYTU)
  9. Dr. Aung Myat Kyaw Sein


Important Buildings[edit]

Main entrance of the University of Mawlamyine
  • University of Mawlamyine Library: The university's three-story library, completed in January 2004, houses over 106,000 books and periodicals.[4]
  • Universities' Dhamma Hall
  • Binnya Dala Lecture Hall: The lecture hall is named after Binnya Dala, a famous Mon scholar and chief advisor to Bayinnaung of Toungoo Empire, the largest empire in the history of Southeast Asia.
  • Yamanya Lecture Hall
  • Convocation Hall
  • Men's dormitories with dinning room: built in the 1950s.
  • Women's dormitory with dinning room: built in the 1950s.
  • Setse Marine Station: A Marine Science Research Centre in Setse, a Sea - coast town about 60 kilometers south of Mawlamyine.[5]
  • Universities' Hospital: Located in the campus. It is in use again now after long abandonment.
  • Universities' Sport Hall[6]

International collaboration[edit]



  • Australia BABSEACLE: In co-operation with USAID and BABSEACLE, an Australian non-profit legal education organization, Law Department of Mawlamyine University provides CLE programmes to final year law students.[10][11]
  • Australia University of New South Wales: Football United of the University of New South Wales has been working with Myanmar Red Cross Society and Mawlamyine University to develop a medium of football to promote positive youth development in disadvantaged communities of Mawlamyine.[12]

Student and staff exchange[edit]

Notable former staff[edit]

Name Faculty/Notability Reference
Tekkatho Phone Naing A famous Burmese writer and poet, worked as a lifelong university professor and later Chancellor of the University of Mawlamyine.
Khin Maung Nyunt An eminent Burmese writer and historian, worked as Senior Lecturer and Departmental Head from 1961 to 1975.
Mahn Thet San Served as a head of Moulmein College and later as Deputy Minister for Ministry of Industry.
Mohana Gill A famous Indian writer, worked for Moulmein Intermediate College in the 1950s. [16]
Mehm Tin Mon A prominent writer, worked as a Professor of Chemistry at the university.
Nanda Thein Zan A well-known philosophy writer, worked at the university. [17]

Notable alumni[edit]

Name Notability Reference
Htoo Ein Thin One of the most popular and respected Burmese singer-songwriters
Mar Mar Khaing Member of the House of Representatives
Nai Thet Lwin Union Minister of Ethnic Affairs in the government of President Htin Kyaw and President Win Myint [18]


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