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Statue of Mawlawi in Sulaymaniyah

Ebdulrehîm Mela Seîd Mawlawi Tawagozi, (1806-1882), (Central Kurdish: مەولەوی‎) was a Kurdish poet and sufi. His pen name was Madum or Madumi, but he is also known as Mewlewi Kurd, Mewlewi means wise aged man.

Early life[edit]

He was born in the village of Sarshata (a city in Kurdistan) in khaku khol village means (dirts and dirt) region in Iraqi Kurdistan. He began studying under supervision of his father and later continued his religious studies in the famous schools of Ardalan and Baban principalities. He received his religious certificate from Mela Ebdurehman Nodşeyî in Sulaimaniya. Then he focused on training young students and writing literary works and poems. He was a follower of the Naqshbandi sufi order. He was in close contact with other Kurdish poets and also Ardalan and Baban rulers such as Ahmad Pasha and Reza Quli Khan.


  1. Eqîdey Merzîye, a book on Islamic faith and the science of Kalam in Kurdish. He began writing the book in 1863 and finished it by 1865. It has been published three times so far. The first edition was published in Cairo, 1933, the second edition in Tehran and the third one in Baghdad in 1988 with a detailed commentary by Abdul Karim Mudarris. Mawlawi has written two other books on the same subject: Al-Fazila in Arabic, and Al-Fawatih in Persian.
  2. Eqîdey Mewlewî, a book on the Islamic faith. it has been published in 1977 in Baghdad, and for the second time in the Kurdish journal Roşinbîrî Nwê in 1993.
  3. Collection of Poems, is his most important work. It is written in Kurdish in a dialect which a mix of Sorani and Hewrami. It was edited and published by Piramerd in two volumes in Sulaimaniya in 1935 and 1940. It was published for the second time with commentaries and analysis by Mala Abdul Karim Mudarris in Baghdad in 1961. Mawlawi poems has been the focus of research and analysis by several other Kurdish writers and academics, among them Alaaddin Sajadi, Goran and Izzadin Mustafa Rasul. The poems of Mawlawi was the focus of a PhD thesis written by Anwar Qadir Muhammad in the Leningrad Institute of Orientalism (Soviet Academy of Sciences). This research was published in Sweden in 1990.


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