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Max-OT (maks’ ô’ tê) (Maximum Overload Training) is an intense weight training concept/program which revolves around the idea of exercising using heavy weights at low repetitions with some rest between the sets.

Max-OT is built on the concept of maximizing the efficiency of each workout and minimizing the amount of time in the gym. It consists of doing 4–6 repetitions per set, and doing 6–9 sets with 2–3 minutes rest between each set for eight to ten week cycles followed by a week of rest. A workout session usually lasts 30 to 45 minutes. Each body part is worked once a week using free weight exercises to ensure maximum growth. Max-OT primarily relies on compound exercises to work both major and stabilizer muscles.

While an intense weight training program, Max-OT is designed for anyone interested in improving their fitness from bodybuilders to beginners.

Max-OT concept[edit]

The Maximum Overload Training method of weight training claims to enable users to increase strength and muscular size relatively quickly compared to other training methods and fitness routines. Max-OT is built on the concepts of maximum overload and maximum intensity. Overload is applied through maximum weight utilization; peak muscle fiber stimulation and forced muscular adaptation is achieved in the 4–6 rep range at maximum weight and intensity, according to the program. The 2–3 minute rest period between sets ensures that overload is achieved before muscles become fatigued, and that all muscle fibers are recruited for each lift. Muscle fibers are forced to adapt and respond to the overload by growing, and the Max-OT program claims that this methodology is the most effective way to force muscular growth. The mental portion of the workout is equally important, as someone who selects a weight which he or she can lift for 4 repetitions but not more than 6 is mentally and physically demanding and requires a certain intensity. This intensity will allow users to increase the weight they use as the weeks go by, thus enabling more muscle growth.

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