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Adolf Max Richter (21 December 1893 in Chemnitz, Germany – 22 February 1950 in Heide, Germany) was alderman of the city of Chemnitz.


Richter lived in Chemnitz, district Altchemnitz, Pfarrhübel 11b. Richter was director of the General Homeowners Association Chemnitz and chairman of the local chapter of the League of Chemnitz for house and land ownership. Richter was a member of the NSDAP.[1] He was married and had a daughter.

Service for the city of Chemnitz[edit]

From the 29.05.1933 Richter acted in Chemnitz as an unpaid council or councilor. In this function he was a member of the Board of care and nursing homes. On 11.23.1935 Richter became an acting, on 07.16.1935, an official councilor of the city of Chemnitz. The title of councilor to relatives in succession called the City Council.[1]

Soldier in the Navy[edit]

In the years 1940 to 1941, Richter was in the war serving in the Navy. He was released after he was woundet. After May 1945 Richter was declared as volatile. Richter has done times in the special soviert camp Tost/Upper Silesia.[1]


Richter died in 1950 in Heide (Holstein), where he was staying with relatives.[1]


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