Max Adventures

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Max Adventures
Genre Animation, family
Country of origin Thailand
Original language(s) English
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) The Monk Studios[1] (2007-2012, 2014-present)
Egg Story Studio[2] (2013-2014)

Max Adventures is a Thai animated television series computer animation produced since 2006 by the company The Monk Studios (with one season in 2013 produced by the Taiwan-based Singaporean company Egg Story Studio before returning to The Monk Studios the following year). It is based on the mascot of the Australian ice cream brand Paddle Pop lion. It was released as a film to promote the brand worldwide, but eventually became a series.

It was launched in more than 33 countries including Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Brazil. In Australia, the series was called "Paddle Pop Adventures", where each season has been edited into a movie.


The story follows the adventures of Max, a young lion heir to the throne of the Lion Kingdom who lost his parents when he was a baby by Shadow Master unclear who was behind getting the Lion Crystals and achieve supreme power. However Max is saved by his tutor Prof. Higganbotton that leads to a forest in which it is created by several years following their journey together friends (Higganbottom, Leena, Twitch, Spike and Kara) behind the crystals and stop the Shadow Master.


  • Magilika (2006)
  • Cyberion (2007)
  • Pyrata (2008)
  • Kombatei (2009)
  • Elemagika (2010)
  • Begins (2011)
  • Begins 2 (2012)
  • Dinoterra (2013)
  • Magilika 2 (2014)
  • Atlantos (2015)
  • Atlantos 2 (2016)


  • Max/Paddle Pop - The lion protagonist of the series. Max is the prince (later king) of the Lion Kingdom the being the son of the King Adisa and Queen Shifa, and the only survivor of the family having been rescued by Professor Higgabottom as a baby during the attacks of the Shadow Master in the kingdom and being taken to a forest where they came to be care for a couple of otters. Early in the series on a journey to collect the Lion Crystals along the Leena, Professor Higgabottom, Twitch, Spike and Kara to defeat and deter the Shadow Master.
  • Leena - A young lioness pilot of the Phoenix Ship. As Max she is also an orphan having lost his father Lionel as a child by the army of the Shadow Master going to be cared for by Professor Higgabottom in a hidden underground city. She helps Max on his journey in search of crystals lion carrying him and his friends on his ship.
  • Professor Higgabottom - A wise old owl longtime friend of the parents of Max. He was responsible for saving Max of Shadow Master and hide in a forest, besides taking care of Leena after the loss of his father. It is he who sends Max on his journey in search of Lion Crystals to stop the Shadow Master.
  • Twitch and Spike - They are the best friends of Max. Twitch is a blue chameleon and a wily troublemaker and that is always setting with Spike, and it seems to like Leena. Spike is a porcupine obese and mindless who is always thinking of eating and is very slow.
  • Kara - An elephant assistant from the Lion Kingdom. He joined the team shortly after Max gets the first crystal to serve him in the journey since then.
  • Shadow Master - is the main villain of the series. A creature dark with a hidden face somehow seeking to take over the world always with the help of his army of dark monsters. He was responsible for mastering the Lion Kingdom during the first season as well as defeating the father of Max.


Right now, there are only two communities that are still open. The first one is the well-known community Max Atlantos, which includes games, information about the characters and all the episodes. It also includes a game tcalled World of Paddle Pop or World of Max. The second community is called Max Adventures and it can be found on amino. It is a new community with a few members, lots of challenges, quizzes, clubs and much more. It was created by a young and desperate fan who wants to meet people from the fandom and create not only an amino community, but also a fandom family.


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