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Maxwell V. L. Barclay
Nationality British
Fields Entomology
Institutions The Natural History Museum, London

Maxwell V L Barclay, usually known as Max Barclay, is a British entomologist, and Curator and Collections Manager of Coleoptera and Hemiptera at the Natural History Museum in London.[1] He is a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society,[2] and a member of the Editorial Board of The Coleopterist journal.[3] He has been described as ‘one of Britain’s leading entomologists’ [4]

Barclay is one of the four virtual ‘Scientist Guides’ of the Natural History Museum’s new Darwin Centre and was among the group that showed the building to Prince William at its 2009 opening. He is a frequent public speaker and media spokesman for entomology and for the Museum, most notably appearing in three of the six episodes of the 2010 BBC Series 'Museum of Life' [5] presented by Jimmy Doherty. He believes that public speaking is important ‘to enthuse the next generation of scientists and naturalists, and to legitimise what we do in the eyes of the public”.[6] In 2008 he was involved in the identification of a species of bug new to Britain in the Museum’s garden which led to a great deal of media interest.[7][8]

In the scientific world, Barclay is best known for his work on beetles (Coleoptera), and is author of numerous scientific papers and co-editor of a text book on the subject.[9] A lifelong entomologist, He worked as a volunteer in the Department of Entomology for several years before being offered the post of Curator in 2001.[10] The collection of the Natural History Museum that he manages includes more than 20,000 drawers of beetles, including specimens collected by Joseph Banks, Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace.[11] He has travelled extensively in search of specimens, including to Bolivia, Peru, Taiwan and Thailand,[12] and has discovered numerous new species. More than 50 beetles have been named in his honour by fellow scientists, including:


  • Pachyteles barclayi Deuve, 2005
  • Platynus barclayi Schmidt, 2009


  • Acrotrichis barclayi Darby, 2014


  • Ixorida (Pseudomecinonota) barclayi Legrand, 2008
  • Gynaecoserica barclayi Ahrens, 2009
  • Clinterocera barclayi Legrand & Chew, 2010
  • Copris (Sinocopris) barclayi Ochi, 2010
  • Protaetia (Macroprotaetia) maxwelli Jakl, 2011
  • Madecorphnus barclayi Frolov, 2012


  • Themus (Haplothemus) barclayi Svihla, 2006


  • Tropicus maxwelli Skalicky, 2010


  • Phalacrichus max Ribera & Hernando, 2001


  • Athous barclayi Platia, 2010


  • Thaumaglossa barclayi Kadej and Háva, 2015


  • Scirtes maxi Yoshitomi & Ruta, 2010
  • Cyphon barclayi Yoshitomi, 2012


  • Falsodrupeus barclayi Lee, 2011[13]
  • Homoeogenus barclayi Lee, 2016


  • Endelus barclayi Kalashian, 2011
  • Aphanisticus barclayi Kalashian & Kubáň, 2014


  • Sulabanus barclayi Dvorak & Bocak, 2007
  • Alyculus barclayi Palata & Bocak, 2012


  • Serratibia barclayi Gordon, Canepari & Hanley, 2013


  • Neohelota barclayi Lee, 2015


  • Pocadius barclayi Cline, 2005


  • Cartodere barclayi Rücker, 2012[14]


  • Tomoderus barclayi Telnov, 2005
  • Macratria maxbarclayi Telnov, 2011


  • Ischalia barclayi Young, 2011


  • Eurychora barclayi Ferrer, 2003
  • Amarygmus barclayi Bremer, 2004
  • Pseudopodhomala barclayi Medvedev, 2004
  • Ulomina barclayi Grimm, 2004
  • Enicmosoma barclayi Ferrer, 2005
  • Chariotheca barclayi Masumoto 2006
  • Tauroceras barclayi Ferrer, Soldati & Delatour, 2005
  • Goniadera barclayi Ferrer, 2007
  • Pseudonautes barclayi Ando, 2007
  • Laena barclayi Schawaller, 2009
  • Othryoneus barclayi Ferrer, 2010
  • Phylan barclayi Ferrer, 2010
  • Hexarhopalus (Leprocaulus) barclayi Purchart, 2010
  • Phymatosoma barclayi Masumoto & Akita, 2010
  • Blaps barclayi Martínez-Fernández & Ferrer, 2012
  • Rhyzodina barclayi Ferrer, 2015


  • Nacerdes (Xanthochroa) apicipennis barclayi Svihla, 2011


  • Trypogeus barclayi Vives, 2007
  • Melanesiandra barclayi Santos-Silva, 2011
  • Acutandra barclayi Bouyer, Drumont & Santos-Silva, 2012
  • Colobeutrypanus barclayi Monné & Monné, 2012
  • Clytellus barclayi Miroshnikov, 2014
  • Oncideres barclayi Nearns & Tavakilian, 2015
  • Parandra barclayi Santos-Silva, 2015


  • Cyrtonota maxhowardi Sekerka, 2011 (named for Max and his colleague Howard Mendel)
  • Diabrotica barclayi Derunkov, Prado, Tishechkin & Konstantinov, 2015
  • Dercetina barclayi Lee & Bezdek, 2013
  • Charaea maxbarclayi Bezdek & Lee, 2014


  • Pseudobasidissus barclayi Tryzna & Banar, 2014


  • Rubroinvolvulus barclayi Legalov, 2009


  • Stereodermus barclayi Mantilleri, 2004
  • Perapion barkleyi Alonso-Zarazaga, 2011 [sic]


  • Tychius barclayi Caldara, 2011
  • Heisonyx barclayi Borovec, Colonelli & Osella, 2009
  • Pachycerus barclayi Meregalli, 2009

as well as the wasp Platygaster barclayi Buhl, 2011

Personal life[edit]

Barclay is married with children.[15] As a teenager he worked as a volunteer at the Durrell Wildlife Park[16] and he cites Gerald Durrell as a significant influence.


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