Max Britzelmayr

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Max Britzelmayr (1839-1909)

Max Britzelmayr (January 7, 1839 – December 6, 1909) was a German mycologist and lichenologist who was a native of Augsburg.

He spent his career as a schoolteacher and Kreisschulinspektor (school district administrator) in Augsburg. He is known for his research of a class of fungi known as Hymenomycetes. He also conducted investigations of lichens native to southern Bavaria, including the Allgäu Alps.[1]

List of Publications[edit]

  • Dermini und Melanospori aus Südbayern, (Dermini and Melanspora of southern Bavaria); (1883)
  • Hymenomyceten aus Südbayern, (Hymenomycetes of southern Bavaria); (1894)
  • Zur Hymenomyceten-Kunde, (Study of Hymenomycetes); (1895)
  • Materialien zur Beschreibung der Hymenomyceten, (Materials for the description of Hymenomycetes); (1897). Botanisches Zentralblatt 71: 49-59, 87-96.
  • Die Lichenen der Allgäuer Alpen. (Lichens of the Allgäu Alps); (1900), Bericht der Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins für Schwaben und Neuburg (A. V.) in Augsburg 34: 73–139.