Max Lewandowsky

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Portrait Max Heinrich Lewandowsky

Max Lewandowsky (June 28, 1876 – April 4, 1916) was a German neurologist, who was a native of Berlin.

He studied medicine at the Universities of Marburg, Berlin and Halle, earning his medical doctorate at Halle in 1898. In 1902 he obtained his post-graduate qualification for physiology, and in 1904, received training in clinical neurology and psychiatry under Karl Bonhoeffer and Franz Nissl at the University of Heidelberg. Afterwards he travelled to Paris, where he studied under neurologist Pierre Marie.[1] Beginning in 1905 he worked in the Berlin-Friedrichshain hospital.[2]

Neurobiological laboratory in Berlin (circa 1903); From the left: Korbinian Brodmann, Cécile Vogt-Mugnier, Oskar Vogt, Louise Bosse, Max Borcherdt and Max Lewandowsky.

Since 1910 he edited, together with Alois Alzheimer, Zeitschrift für die gesamte Neurologie und Psychiatrie. He was also editor of a handbook of neurology, Handbuch der Neurologie (1910–14).[2] During World War I he became infected with typhus and died.