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Max Payne
Max Payne logo.jpg
Genre(s)Third-person shooter
Developer(s)Remedy Entertainment (2001–2003)
Rockstar Studios (2012)
Publisher(s)Gathering of Developers (2001, PC)
Rockstar Games
Writer(s)Sam Lake (1–2)
Dan Houser (3)
Michael Unsworth (3)
Rupert Humphries (3)
Composer(s)Kärtsy Hatakka (1–2)
Kimmo Kajasto (1–2)
Perttu Kivilaakso (2)
Health (3)
First releaseMax Payne
July 23, 2001
Latest releaseMax Payne 3
May 15, 2012

Max Payne is a neo-noir third-person shooter video game series developed by Remedy Entertainment (Max Payne and Max Payne 2) and Rockstar Studios (Max Payne 3). The series is named after its protagonist, Max Payne, a New York City police detective turned vigilante after his family was murdered by drug addicts. The series' first and second installments were written by Sam Lake, while Max Payne 3 was primarily written by Rockstar Games' Dan Houser.

The first game of the series, Max Payne, was released in 2001 for Microsoft Windows and in 2002 for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Apple Macintosh; a different version of the game was released for the Game Boy Advance in 2003. A sequel entitled Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne was released in 2003 for PlayStation 2, Xbox and Microsoft Windows. In 2008, a movie adaption, loosely based on the original game, entitled Max Payne, was released, starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis in the roles of Max Payne and Mona Sax, respectively. Max Payne 3 was developed by Rockstar Studios and released on May 15, 2012 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and on June 1, 2012 for Microsoft Windows.

The franchise is notable for its use of "bullet time" in action sequences, as well as being positively received by critics, although Max Payne 2's sales were considered underwhelming.[1][2] As of 2011, the Max Payne franchise has sold over 7.5 million copies.[3] The film rendition received negative reviews but was commercially successful.[4]


Aggregate review scores
Game Metacritic
Max Payne (GBA) 78[5]
(PC) 89[6]
(PS2) 80[7]
(Xbox) 89[8]
Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (PC) 86[9]
(PS2) 73[10]
(Xbox) 84[11]
Max Payne 3 (PC) 87[12]
(PS3) 87[13]
(X360) 86[14]

Max Payne[edit]

Renegade DEA agent and former NYPD officer Max Payne attempts to hunt down the ones responsible for murdering his wife and child, as well as framing him for the murder of his NYPD partner, Alex Balder. As the story unfolds, he gains a number of "allies", including Vladimir Lem, a suave, old-fashioned Russian mobster, and Mona Sax, a female vigilante who is out to avenge the death of her twin sister, and uncovers a major conspiracy involving the trafficking of a narcotic called V, or Valkyr—after the mythological figures in Norse mythology—which is somehow connected to the death of Max's family.

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne[edit]

Two years after the first game, Max Payne has rejoined the NYPD and has been cleared of the charges for his killing spree thanks to his connection to Senator Alfred Woden, the leader of a secret society called the Inner Circle. During a routine murder investigation, Max finds himself face-to-face with the fugitive Mona Sax, who reluctantly joins him in his investigation. As the two work together to uncover the truth, they begin to develop feelings for each other, and come across another major conspiracy, which this time involves Vladmir Lem, the Italian Mob, and the Inner Circle.

Max Payne 3[edit]

Nine years after the second game, Max Payne has left New York and is working on a private security detail in São Paulo, Brazil. When the wife of his employer is kidnapped by a local street gang, Max and his old friend Raul Passos join forces in an attempt to rescue her, igniting a war that will lead them to confront a larger conspiracy.[15]

Film adaptation[edit]

Early in 2003, it was confirmed that 20th Century Fox had bought the rights to adapt the game to film.[16] The Max Payne movie went into production in 2008 and was directed by John Moore. The movie was produced by Collision Entertainment and Firm Films in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[17] Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis[18] play the roles of Max Payne and Mona Sax respectively.[19] Beau Bridges, Chris O'Donnell, Nelly Furtado and Ludacris have roles as B.B. Hensley, Jason Colvin, Christa Balder and Jim Bravura respectively.[20] On July 10, 2008, a teaser trailer was released, featuring an instrumental version of the Marilyn Manson song, "If I Was Your Vampire".[21] The film was released to theaters in the U.S. on October 17, 2008 with a PG-13 rating.[22] While it was ranked first on its opening weekend, grossing US$18 million at the box office,[23] the film received mainly negative reviews, having a 16% rating at Rotten Tomatoes, based on 129 reviews.[24]


Note: A gray cell indicates that the character does not appear in that medium.

Character Games Film
Max Payne Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne Max Payne 3 Max Payne
2001 2003 2012 2008
Max Payne James McCaffrey Mark Wahlberg
Mona Sax Julia Murney Wendy Hoopes Mila Kunis
Vladimir Lem Dominic Hawksley Jonathan Davis  
Senator Alfred Woden John Randolph Jones John Braden John Randolph Jones  
Vinnie Gognitti Joe Dallo Fred Berman  
Lt. Jim Bravura Peter Appel Vince Viverito   Ludacris
Nicole Horne Jane Gennaro Kate Burton
Michelle Payne Haviland Morris Character is silent   Marianthi Evans
Alex Balder Chris Philips   Donal Logue
B.B. Hensley Adam Grupper   Beau Bridges
Don Angelo Punchinello Joe Ragno   Joe Ragno  
Jack Lupino Jeff Gurner   Jeff Gurner Amaury Nolasco
Joey & Virgilio Finito Tye Reign  
Rico Muerte Joe Maruzzo  
Candy Dawn Joanie Ellen  
Frankie "The Bat" Niagara Bruce Kronenberg  
Boris Dime Peter Appel  
Vince Mugnaio Character is silent  
Pilate "Big Brother" Providence Character is silent  
Joe "Deadpan" Salem Character is silent  
Lisa Punchinello / Natasha Sax Character is silent   Olga Kurylenko
Det. Valerie Winterson   Jennifer Server  
Kaufman   Gregory Sims  
Mike "The Cowboy"   Gary Yudman  
Annie Finn   Kimberly Howard  
Senator Sebastian Gates   Character is silent  
Corcoran   Character is silent  
Raul Passos   Julian Dean  
Rodrigo Branco   Frank Rodriguez  
Victor Branco   Robert Montano  
Marcelo Branco   Dillon Porter  
Fabiana Branco   Benedita Aires Pereira  
Giovanna Taveres   Shirley Rumierk  
Wilson Da Silva   Stephen Girasuolo  
Serrano   Babs Olausanmokum  
Armando Becker   Bira Castro  
Álvaro Neves   Gil Cardoso  
Bachmeyer   Gilberto Romagnolo  
Milo Rego   Daniel Bittencourt  
Anthony DeMarco   Ray Iannicelli  
Tony DeMarco   Charlie Semine  
Arthur Fischer   Marconi de Morais  
Anders Detling   Wayne Duvall  
Jason Colvin   Chris O'Donnell
Christa Balder   Nelly Furtado
Owen Green   Joel Gordon
Lincoln DeNeuf   Jamie Hector
Tattoo Artist   Stephen R. Hart


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