Max Starcke Dam

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Max Starcke Dam
Max starcke dam 2013.jpg
Official name Max Starcke Dam
Location Burnet County, Texas, United States
Coordinates 30°33′24″N 98°15′24″W / 30.55667°N 98.25667°W / 30.55667; -98.25667Coordinates: 30°33′24″N 98°15′24″W / 30.55667°N 98.25667°W / 30.55667; -98.25667
Construction began 1949
Opening date 1951
Operator(s) Lower Colorado River Authority
Dam and spillways
Impounds Colorado River
Height 98.8 feet (30.1 m)
Length 859.5 feet (262.0 m)
Width (base) 56.8 feet (17.3 m)
Creates Lake Marble Falls
Surface area 611 acres (2.47 km2) [1]
Power station
Turbines 2 [1]
Installed capacity 32 MW [1]

Max Starcke Dam is a dam in the U.S. state of Texas. Named for Max Starcke in 1962. He was a former Mayor of Seguin, Texas, who became the second General Manager of the Lower Colorado River Authority, and served from 1940 through 1955.

Starcke Dam forms Lake Marble Falls, one of the Texas Highland Lakes. It was constructed in 1949-1951 in order to provide hydroelectric power. Located near Marble Falls, Texas, Starcke Dam was the last of the six Highland Lakes dams to be built.


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