Max Steel: Bio Crisis

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Max Steel: Bio Crisis
Directed by Greg Richardson
Produced by Justin Gladden
Audu Paden
Written by Thomas Pugsley
Starring Christian Campbell
Jim Conrad
Alessandro Juliani
Christopher Judge
Lisa Ann Beley
Mark Oliver
Elias Toufexis
Scott McNeil
Brian Drummond
Music by Brian Kirk
Greg Burns
Jeff Burns
Edited by Olga Anna Ast
Distributed by Warner Bros. Television
Release date
October 2008
Running time
47 minutes
Country United States
Language English,

Max Steel: Bio Crisis is a 2008 direct-to-DVD film based on the TV series Max Steel.


Max has to investigate a contaminated jungle, and travels from outer space to the center of the earth in his quest to unveil this mystery. At the beginning of the story it is mentioned that the last battle against Extroyer has permanently crippled the Adrenalink system, forcing Max to go back to an updated version of Going Turbo!, (A complete explanation of this new energy system appears in Turbo Missions Episode 12: Relaunch). In this movie, a new enemy, the nefarious Doctor Gregor Mendel makes his first presentation, and it is revealed that Iago has been working for him from the beginning, secretly stealing technology from Eclipse. Mendel has constructed an android named Cytro, who's prime directive is help him in his plans to take control of the contaminated jungle and destroy Max in the process. Accidentally, the programming of Cytro is scrambled and for a couple of hours thinks he must protect Max instead of fighting him. However, he is aware of the malfunction, and constantly mentions how much time is left until he will be "authorized" again to kill Max. Thanks to the information retrieved by Iago, Dr. Mendel located Elementor immediately after the battle in Dark Rival, and taking advantage of his unconsciousness, takes him prisoner to perform new experiments which turn him into Fire Elementor. In an effort to synthesize Morphosos Crystals, Dr. Mendel uses fragments recovered from Extroyer's body partially contaminated with Troy Winter's DNA. As a result, creates an Extroyer clone instead by accident. Taking his opportunity while Max is busy fighting Fire Elementor, the clone absorbs the comet fragment into his body, and becomes a giant monster. Despite the fact he is currently in "evil mode", Cytro makes one last supreme effort to stop him and reverts the effect of the crystals, causing an explosion which reduces both to smithereens.

Continuity Change[edit]

Despite altering the continuity in "Forces of Nature," the continuity is altered yet again. This time, Josh is eliminated from the storyline completely. Instead of Josh being infected by the nanoprobes (like in the show), Max is. Not much is said, just a very brief explanation during the films opening segment. It shows Max fighting Psycho, then Psycho pushes Max into the probes. Other than it being Max instead of Josh, everything is pretty much the same as the TV series. All connection to previous Max Steel films is eliminated, only the characters and enemies remain intact (as well as certain events, e.g. the final events of Dark Rival).

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