Max Steel: Dark Rival

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Max Steel: Dark Rival
Directed by William Lau
Produced by Ian Richer
Steven Wendland
Written by Steven Melching
Starring Christian Campbell
Alessandro Juliani
Scott McNeil
Lisa Ann Beley
Brian Drummond
David Kaye
Elias Toufexis
Music by Greg Burns
Jeff Burns
Brian Kirk
Edited by Patrick Carroll
Distributed by Warner Bros. Television
Release date
October 2007
Running time
51 min.
Country United States
Language English,

Max Steel: Dark Rival is a 2007 direct-to-DVD film based on the TV series.


Strange thefts of N-Tek property have Max Steel on the tail of a new super agent, Troy Winter, who claims to be superior to Max in every sense. The chase is on when Team Steel realize Troy's goal is to obtain a piece of a comet named Morphosos using the stolen N-Tek technology and deliver it into enemy hands. During a battle with Max, Troy falls into a volcano with a piece of the comet. The chemical reaction between the extreme heat and the comet's components transforms Troy into a sharped dark mineral crystal like creature, with the power of "extrude" other living being's life force and abilities. Troy then adopts the name of Extroyer and attacks N-Tek headquarters. In the middle of confusion, Elementor is once again released. Extremely weak, Elementor chases Extroyer seeking the comet fragments as a new source of power, but he is "extruded" and defeated. Troy takes 'Berto, Kat and Jefferson as hostages and forces Max to obey him. Extroyer uses N-Tek's stolen magnets powered by Max to redirect the comet Morphosos near earth, so he can take as much crystal fragments as he wants, but too late he realizes it is all a setup, and he's sent into deep space instead, stuck in the comet's surface.


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