Max Takes Tonics

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Max Takes Tonics
Directed by Max Linder
Written by Maurice Delamare (writer)
Starring See below
Release date
Country France
Language French

Max Takes Tonics (French: Max victime du quinquina) is a 1911 French film directed by Max Linder.

The film is also known as Max and His Prescription (United Kingdom) and Victime du quinquina (French alternative title).


Max visits a doctor who prescribes a tonic (Bordeaux of Cinchona) for him to drink every morning. Upon returning home, Max sees a large glass which was left by his wife and labeled "Souvenir de Bordeaux". He consumes it its entirety after assuming that it was his medicine. Immediately Max feels much better. Hilarity ensues as Max goes about the day in a completely drunken state.



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