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Mohamed Hashi Dama
Maxamed xaashi dhamac
Personal details
Born 1951 (age 65–66)
Hargeisa, British Somaliland
Died 30 September 2012
Religion Islam

Gaariye born has (Somali: Maxammed Xaashi Dhamac (Gaariye), Mohamed Hashi Dama, [1] was a great poet from Somalia.[2]

Gaarriye was born in Hargeisa in 1951 in former British Somaliland. He finished his elementary and secondary studies in Hargeisa in the early 1970s.[3] and for University studies he enrolled in the Somali National University College in Afgooye and took the degree in bachelor of science in 1974.[4] He was a member of the Somali National Movement.[5] He composed one of the best known Somali poems on the theme of reconciliation, "Hagarlaawe" (The Charitable) which is translated into English by Martin Orwin .[6][7]

Gaarriye died at a hospital in Norway on 30 September 2012.[8]


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