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Industry Sports leisure
Founded United States
Headquarters Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Key people
Joe Schmidt, COO
Products Golf equipment
Number of employees

Maxfli is a brand of sports equipment, most recognized for its golf balls, currently owned by Dick's Sporting Goods of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dick's purchased the brand from TaylorMade-adidas Golf on February 11, 2008, however, the Noodle trademark and all golf ball patents remained with TMaG.[1]

Maxfli was previously owned by the Dunlop Slazenger group before its acquisition my TMaG in 2003.[2] While under TMaG ownership, the brand underwent a change in focus from premium balls, such as Black Max and Red Max, to distance balls such as the Fire and the already successful Noodle, as TMaG looked to use its own TaylorMade brand in the high end golf ball market. The Maxfli brand and trademark was originally created by the sports division of the Dunlop Tire and Rubber Corporation, headquartered in Buffalo, New York.[3]

Major products[edit]

  • Tour Series U golf balls (U6, U4, U4x, U3, U2)
  • Fire golf balls
    • Fire
    • Tour Fire (at one time used by John Daly)
  • C3
  • VT2
  • VT3
  • TJB

Golf balls[edit]

  • Softfli
  • Tour LC
  • Tour
  • Tour XD
  • HT Tour (included in the 2010 Golf Digest Ball Hotlist)
  • HT Distance
  • Revolution
  • Revolution Low Compression
  • Revolution EXT Distance
  • Revolution EXT Soft
  • Revolution EXT Straight
  • Red Max
  • Black Max
  • Max Distance
  • A10
  • D-Tec Extra Distance/Spin
  • DDH
  • A3
  • M3
  • M3 Tour
  • Revolution Series
    • Revolution EXT
    • Revolution EXT Distance
    • Revolution Tour
  • Tour Balata HT

Golf clubs[edit]

  • Powermax 460cc driver
  • Powermax fairway woods
  • Powermax irons
  • A10 irons
  • Revolution irons
  • Revolution mid irons
  • Revolution XX steel woods
  • Australian blade
  • Tour Patriot full set
  • Finesse irons
  • Xf oversize irons
  • rm 100 irons
  • ht oversize irons
  • Missile woods
  • h Series woods
  • x Series woods
  • Offset woods
  • Balanced putter
  • Revolution putter series
  • Specialty wedges
  • Fire



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