Maxim Bugzester

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Maxim Bugzester (August 31, 1909 – 1978) [1] was a Polish painter born in Stanislaviv, now Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine then in Poland, of Ruthenian-Jewish parents.

Bugzester grew up in Vienna, studied at the Academy in Vienna, and then at age fourteen studied with the German Expressionist Karl Schmidt-Rutloff (1884–1976). He moved to France and worked with Pierre Bonnard (1867–1947) and later, for over two years, with Georges Braque (1882–1963).[2] In 1935, he moved to the United States, and served in the United States Army during World War II.[3]

He painted, exhibited (often at the Panoras Gallery), exhibited Gallery d'Hautbar, New York City in 1969, and taught art in New York until his death on October 21, 1978.