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Maxim Vitalyevich Kononenko
Максим Витальевич Кононенко
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Born (1971-03-13) 13 March 1971 (age 48)

Maksim Kononenko (Russian: Максим Кононенко; born 13 March 1971 in Apatity, Russian SFSR) is a Russian journalist, writer, TV show host, and political activist, computer programmer and blogger.[1] Known on the Internet as "Mr. Parker", he is famous for his blog, which contains humorous fake stories from the life of Vladimir Putin.

Kononenko is a member of the council of the party Civilian Power.


Kononenko was born in Apatity, USSR. One of the pioneers of Russian Internet, he is known under the nickname Mr. Parker. He graduated from Moscow State Institute of Radio-engineering Electronics and Automation and also studied at Maxim Gorky Literature Institute. He has authored or participated in countless Internet projects. For nearly ten years, he worked as the leading programmer in ParallelGraphics.

He participated in 2005 Moscow City Duma elections but failed.[2]

He worked as editor-in-chief of a major Internet news website until 2009. He now works as editor-in-chief of Bourgeois Journal and political newspaper Re:Action.

In 2002, he founded a popular website, which contains humorous fake stories from the life of Vladimir Putin based on real events and current news.

He often appears on Russian TV and hosts a show Real politics on NTV channel.


  • "Teneta" literary award (1st prize, 1995)
  • Computer programmer of the year and Person of the year ("Rotor", 2000)
  • Internet writer of the year (2003, 2004)ur


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