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Maxim Leonidovich Korobov (born December 3, 1957 in Moscow)[1] is a Russian businessman whose investments focus on the oil and gas sector. He is the controlling shareholder of SGO Sibgasoil Investments Limited,[2] which has interests in Western Siberia.

Maxim Korobov served at various times as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Swiss company Rosco S.A.; Vice President of Eastern Oil Company (EOC) and head of EOC Trading House; President of Tomsk Oil and Gas Company; and head of the oil and gas team at Rossiisky Kredit bank.[3] He was appointed to the Board of Directors of Petroneft Resources plc on 25 April 2016[4] and elected to the Board of Directors of Petrosibir AB on 29 June 2018.[5]

Korobov graduated with honours from both the Military Institute of the Defence Ministry and the Russian Presidential Academy of State Service. He was also a researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and taught at the Military Institute.[1] He holds a PhD in political science.[6]

Maxim Korobov was elected to the Tomsk Oblast regional parliament in 1997, and served as a member of the State Duma (Russian parliament) from 1999-2011, as a member of the United Russia party.[1][7] As a member of the Duma's Committee on Power, Transport and Communications, he authored a bill proposing to end the practice of domestic roaming, whereby Russian mobile network operators charge higher prices to users travelling outside their “home” regions.[8]