Maxim Sandovich

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Maxim Sandovich
Born 1 February 1888, Zdynia, Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria, Austria-Hungary
Died 6 August 1914, Gorlice
Martyred by Dietrich from Linz, for the Austro-Hungarian Empire
Means of martyrdom firing squad
Venerated in Eastern Orthodoxy
Canonized September 6, 1994, Gorlice, by Polish Orthodox Church
Major shrine New Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, Gorlice
Feast September 6 (Old Calendar)
Patronage Lemkos

Maxim Sandovich is a New Martyr and Orthodox saint.[1][2] He is the protomartyr of the Lemko people. He was trained as an Orthodox priest, and was executed by the officially Catholic state of the Austro-Hungarian Empire as a Russophile after his conversion to the Orthodox Church. After his execution, his wife was imprisoned in Talerhof, where his son, also named Maxim Sandovich, was born.[3]


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