Maximiano de Sousa (Max)

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Maximiano de Sousa
Birth name Maximiano de Sousa
Also known as Max
Born (1918-01-20)20 January 1918
Origin Madeira, Portugal
Died 29 May 1980(1980-05-29) (aged 62)
Genres Fado
Occupation(s) Singer, Actor
Instruments Vocals

Maximiano de Sousa Also known as Max (20 January 1918, in Funchal, Madeira – 29 May 1980) was a Portuguese Fado singer.

Max was one of the most popular Fado singers from the 1940s until well after his death in 1980.

Maximiano de Sousa, known to most people as Max, was a Madeiran (Portuguese: madeirense), born in Funchal in 1918. It was here where his career started. He was a tailor, and even after becoming an artist, he long maintained that profession. In 1936 he began working at night in a hotel bar in Funchal as a singer and continued to work as a tailor during the day.

In 1957, he left for the United States where he remained for two years, afterward he toured Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, Brazil, and Argentina.



  • Noites da Madeira/Bailinho da Madeira (78, VC, 1949)
  • Bailinho da Madeira/Noites da Madeira (Single, Decca/VC, 1956)
  • A Mula da Cooperativa / A Coisa / O Magala / O Homem do Trombone (Columbia)
  • Porto Santo
  • 31
  • Sinal da Cruz
  • Pomba Branca, Pomba Branca/Quando a Dor Bateu à Porta (Single, Decca/VC, 1974)
  • As Bordadeira
  • Casei com uma Velha
  • Júlia Florista
  • Maria Rapaz
  • Maria tu tens a mania
  • Mas sou fadista
  • Mula da Cooperativa
  • Nem ás paredes confesso
  • Noite
  • O Magala
  • Pomba Branca
  • Porto Santo
  • Rosinha dos Limões
  • Saudades da Ilha
  • Sinal da Cruz
  • Vielas de Alfama

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