Maximilian Maksakov

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Maksimilian Karlovich Maksakov
Max maksakov.jpg
Maksimilian Maksakov
Born Max Schwartz
Czernowitz, Duchy of Bukovina, Austria-Hungary
Died 26 March 1936
Moscow, USSR
Occupation Opera singer, theatre director, music professor
Spouse(s) Maria Maksakova

Maksimilian Karlovich Maksakov (Максимилиа′н Ка′рлович Макса′ков, also known as Max Maksakov, real name Max Schwartz; 1869, Chernivtsi, Duchy of Bukovina, Austria-Hungary — March 26, 1936, Moscow, USSR) — was an Austrian/Russian opera singer (dramatic baritone) and music teacher. As a theater director, entrepreneur and later Russian Academy of Theatre Arts professor, Maksakov has made a considerable impact on the development of performance arts in Russia, especially in the province. His best known protégé was a renowned Soviet mezzo-soprano Maria Maksakova, Sr. whom he married in 1920.[1][2]


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