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Maximiliano John Larroquette, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is Project Engineer Manager at General Motors Global Design Center[1] in Warren, Michigan. He is responsible for the design of the Chevrolet Volt, a battery-powered, four-passenger electric vehicle that uses a gas (petrol) engine to create additional electricity to extend its range. He has conducted several interviews for the media about how hybrid vehicles fit into GM’s vision of the future, and has been the subject of profiles on his life as a GM engineer.

Early life[edit]

Maximiliano lived in Buenos Aires until he was 22, when he moved to Detroit. He attended Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan for his bachelor's and master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering. Maximiliano worked at Ford for two years before he began working at General Motors in 1999.

Early work[edit]

Before working on the Chevy Volt, this Lead Engineer and Product Manager worked on several concept cars, including the Pontiac REV, Chevrolet SS and Nomad, Saturn Curve, GMC Graphyte, and the Jay Leno Chevy Deuce.


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