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Maximilien Gardel (18 December 1741, Mannheim - 11 March 1787, Paris) was a French ballet dancer and choreographer of German descent. He was the son of Claude Gardel, ballet master to King Stanisław Leszczyński, and elder brother of Pierre Gardel.

Gardel débuted at the Académie royale de Musique in Paris in 1759 and five years later became a soloist. After sharing dance roles with Gaétan Vestris, Gardel took over from him in 1772 in the reprise of Rameau's Castor et Pollux, in which he danced with neither mask nor wig (then judged unimaginable) so as not to be deceived by his rival.

In 1773 Gardel and Jean Dauberval became Vestris' assistants. In 1781, Gardel took over the position (succeeding Noverre).

Upon Maximilien's death, his elder brother of Pierre succeeded him as ballet master of the Paris Opera.

Selected works[edit]

  • 1777 : La Chercheuse d'esprit
  • 1777 : Ninette à la cour
  • 1778 : Phaon
  • 1779 : Mirza et Lindor
  • 1781 : La Fête de Mirza
  • 1783 : La Rosière
  • 1784 : L'Oracle
  • 1785 : Le Premier Navigateur
  • 1786 : Les Sauvages
  • 1786 : Le Pied de bœuf
  • 1786 : Le Déserteur
  • 1787 : Le Coq du village

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Preceded by
Jean-Georges Noverre
Director of the Ballet l'Opéra de Paris
Succeeded by
Pierre Gardel