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Maximo Kausch is a world record holder of 6000m mountains, professional climber, explorer and expedition guide for, and

Maximo Kausch (born March 1981 in Argentina) is the current world record holder with the most 6000 metre peaks climbed.[1] He's a mountain guide and expedition leader. Maximo led many expeditions all over the Andes and 10 expeditions to 8000 metre peaks in Nepal, Tibet and Pakistan.[2] Maximo lives in Brazil and holds British citizenship. He leads expeditions in the Andes and the Himalayas.[3]

During his most notable project - Andes' all 6000m peaks - he aims to climb all the 104 x 6000 metre peaks in the Andes.[4] He maps all peaks using GPS units and publishes all his work for free in the hope that more climbers[5] might attempt the project. The whole project ANDES 6K+ hasn’t been tried before by other mountaineers.[6][7]


  • World Record: He recently became the world record holder with the most 6000 metre peaks and so far (Jan 2017) reached the summit of 83 absolute 6000 mountains (not counting secondary peaks).[1][3][8]



  • Andes 6000+ 83 peaks climbed by the date (Jan 2017) and 11 secondary 6000m peaks in the Andes alone. His total number of high altitude climbed mountains is unknown and is probably near to 180. The project started in 2012.
  • 30 x 6000ers in 2 months Maximo climbed 30 peaks in 60 days in late 2012. This great achievement was done alone and approaching the mountains on a 250cc motorbike. He covered 7000 km from the Atacama all the way to the Central Andes.[9][10]
  • Bolivia’s all 6000ers Maximo has concluded (15 peaks) the project in August 2014[11]
  • Chile's all 6000ers Concluded all 39 peaks in December 2017[12][13]
  • Argentina's all 6000ers Concluded all 43 peaks in December 2017[12][14]
  • Andes unclimbed 5000ers He has successfully climbed 5 unclimbed 5000m peaks in the Andes including the highest of them all, Mt Parofes 5845m[15][16][17]


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