Maximum (MAX album)

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MAX Maximum.jpg
Studio album by MAX
Released December 11, 1996
Recorded 1995 - 1996
Genre Eurobeat
Length 50:16
Label Avex Trax
Producer Max Matsuura
MAX chronology
Maximum II
Singles from Maximum
  1. "Koisuru Velfarre Dance ~Saturday night~"
  2. "Kiss Me Kiss Me, Baby"
  3. "Tora Tora Tora"
  4. "Seventies"
  5. "Get My Love!"

Maximum is MAX's debut studio album released under Avex Trax. The album consists entirely of Japanese language covers of Eurobeat songs. The album sold more than 1.2 million copies becoming the group's most successful release. It spent 4 non-consecutive weeks at #1.[1] It is also the 15th best-selling album of 1997.[2]

Track listing[edit]

# Title Songwriters Time
1. "Love Love Fire" Yuko Ebine, Groovesurfers 4:24
2. "Extasy" Yuko Ebine, Groovesurfers 3:37
3. "Tora Tora Tora" Kazumi Suzuki, Tiger Boys 4:44
4. "So Much In Love" Kazumi Suzuki, Tiger Boys 4:03
5. "Broken Heart" Kazumi Suzuki, Groovesurfers 3:45
6. "Because I Need You ~Ai wa Mada Ikiteru Noni~" Yuko Ebine, Groovesurfers 3:45
7. "Reality" Yuko Ebine, Groovesurfers 3:26
8. "Kiss Me Kiss Me, Baby" Kazumi Suzuki, Hinoky Team 3:21
9. "Summer Time" Kazumi Suzuki, Groovesurfers 3:57
10. "Koisuru Velfarre Dance ~Saturday night~ (Hyper J-Euro Mix)" Yasushi Akimoto, Alfredo Pignagnoli, Davide Riva 4:59
11. "Seventies" Kazumi Suzuki, Groovesurfers 4:46
12. "Get My Love!" Yuko Ebine, Syrups 3:43
13. "Stranger in the Night" Yuko Ebine, Groovesurfers 3:48


Album - Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)

Release Chart Peak Position Sales Total Chart Run
December 11, 1996 Oricon Weekly Albums Chart 1[3] 1,288,260 27 weeks[4]
December 11, 1996 Oricon Yearly Albums Chart 15[5] 1,288,260[6]