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Maximus (Hellenised as Maximos) is the Latin term for "greatest" or "largest". In this connection it may refer to:


Roman generals[edit]

Authors and philosophers[edit]

Christian saints[edit]

Christian bishops and patriarchs[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Maximus (comics), a Marvel Comics villain who frequently opposes the Fantastic Four and the Royal Family of the Inhumans
  • Maximus Decimus Meridius, the main character in Ridley Scott's film, Gladiator
  • Maximus Musicus, the main character of a musical educational franchise of the same name
  • Antillar Maximus, a character in Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series
  • Flattus Maximus, lead guitarist of heavy metal act GWAR
  • Fortress Maximus, a giant Autobot from the Transformers franchise
  • Maximus, a supporting character, the name of a horse in Disney's Tangled


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