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The Maxol Group
Founded1920; 99 years ago (1920)
HeadquartersDublin, Ireland
Mallusk, Northern Ireland
Key people
Tom Noonan (CEO)
Paul Cran (Deputy CEO)

Maxol is an Irish oil company, part of McMullan Bros. Limited. It was founded in 1920.


Republic of Ireland[edit]

  • Maxol Lubricants Ltd. (Lubricant supplier to the automotive, industrial, marine, and agricultural markets)
  • Maxol Direct Ltd. (Home heating oil)
  • Maxol Ltd. (Main petrol station retail network and bulk fuel seller)
  • Estuary Fuel Ltd. (Oil terminal operator, petrol stations and various oil products)
  • Marsh Oil Products Ltd. (Main import terminal)

Northern Ireland[edit]

  • Maxol Oil Ltd. (Main petrol station retail network and bulk fuel seller)
  • DGS Logistics, Fuel Distribution for Maxol petrol stations in Northern Ireland and some Republic of Ireland regions. Formerly Trevdon Oil Distribution.
  • Maxol Leebody Fuels (Home heating oil)[1]
  • Maxol Irwin Fuels (Home heating oil)[2]


In 1919 William and James signed a supply agreement with the Anglo Mexican Oil Company (AMOC) and in 1920 founded McMullan Bros. Limited. In 1924 AMOC was acquired by Shell.

In 1972 the existing brand names; Mex, Silensol and Daisy began to be replaced by the Maxol brand, though all operating companies only completed this process in 1981. In 1986 Maxol acquired Ola, operator of an oil terminal at Drogheda, County Louth. In 1996 Maxol acquired 80 retail sites from Statoil and Jet which were to be disposed of as a condition of their merger. In 1997 the group signed a partnership with Mace, a convenience store group, to allow development of joint Maxol/Mace filling stations.

Old Maxol logo used from 1988 until the early 2000s
The Maxol logo used from the 2000s until 2012

In 2000 Maxol acquired Northern Ireland's leading heating oil distributor, Connors Fuels Ltd. This became Maxol Direct (NI) Ltd. In 2002 it acquired Estuary Fuel Limited which operates an oil terminal, a retail network and markets various oil products.

One of the two Maxol Direct logos.
The second Maxol Direct logo.

In 2011, Maxol Direct home heating oil was sold to DCC Energy, which owns Emo the same year they stopped producing the alternative e85 a type of biofuel made from whey in cheese processing for FFV(Flex Fuel Vehicle).[3]


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