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SAIC Maxus Automotive Co., Ltd.
Founded March 2011
Headquarters China
Area served
Products Automobiles
Owner SAIC Motor

SAIC Maxus Automotive Co., Ltd. (Maxus) is a light commercial vehicle manufacturer, a wholly owned subsidiary of SAIC Motor.[1][2] It was founded in March 2011.[1] Sales to Australia started in 2012 under the original LDV name.[3] Sales also restarted in the UK under the LDV brand.


The marque Maxus originates from the LDV Maxus model of the defunct British commercial vehicle manufacturer LDV Group, following the acquisition of LDV's intellectual property by SAIC in 2010.[1]


The first Maxus product, the V80 van, was unveiled at the Auto Shanghai motor show in April 2011.[4] In the same month SAIC signed an agreement appointing the Malaysia-based WestStar group as the official distributor of the V80 for the Asia Pacific region.[5] The inauguration ceremony of the V80 was held in Shanghai on 29 June 2011.[6] The sale of Maxus vehicles in Australasia began in 2012, with distribution by the Australia-based WMC Group.[7] In September 2013 it was announced that Maxus vehicles would be sold in Thailand starting in 2014, as part of a deal between SAIC and SAIC Motor-CP Co.[8][9]

Maxus's second production model, the G10 MPV, went on sale in China in March 2014.[10]

Current products[edit]

The current Maxus range comprises the following models:[11]

  • Maxus D90 van (2016-present)
  • Maxus G10 van (?-present)
    • Maxux EG10 electric van (?-present)
  • Maxus RV80 recreational vehicle (?-present)
  • Maxus T60 pickup (?-present)
  • Maxus V80 van (2011-present)
    • Maxus EV80 electric van (?-present)
Maxus Datong V80 (2011-present) 
Maxus G10 (2016-present) 

Former products[edit]

Maxus LD100 (2005-2009, under license)
Maxus V80 (2009-2011) 
Maxus Istana (2009-2014) 


Calendar year Sales (China only)
2014 3,588[12]
2015 13,985[12]


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