Maxx Klaxon

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Maxx Klaxon
Birth nameMax Clarke[1]
OriginFlorida, United States
GenresElectronica, electropop, electro
Occupation(s)Producer, DJ, remixer
Years active2004–present
LabelsPopular Front Records
WebsiteOfficial Website

Maxx Klaxon (a.k.a. Max Clarke) is an electropop artist from New York City. He has recorded cover versions of Iron Maiden's "Die With Your Boots On," Leonard Cohen's First We Take Manhattan, and "The Internationale." His 2005 debut EP Paranoid Style also features his original track "Italian Ice" and "Here For One Reason," a remix of a Club Telex Noise Ensemble track.

Musical style[edit]

Maxx Klaxon's music can be fairly characterized as electro, given its use of analog synthesizer sounds and syncopated dance beats (with an emphasis on Roland TR-808 drum machine sounds). His song "Here For One Reason" is primarily instrumental, with a few vocal and vocoder samples, which are characteristics of much early 1980s electro. However, his music can also be classified as electropop, given its frequent use of pop song elements such as verses, choruses, and melodic hooks.



  • Maxx Klaxon (2004)
  • Paranoid Style (2005)


  • DJ Gio MC-505 - El Diablero (2006)
  • Optronix - Brilliant Light
  • Freezepop - Duct Tape My Heart

Compilation appearances discography[edit]

  • "Die With Your Boots On" on Powerslaves: An Elektro Tribute to Iron Maiden CD (Angelmaker Records, 2003)
  • "Die With Your Boots On" on 666 Versus 808: Iron Maiden Elektro Tribute 12" (Star Whores Records, 2004)
  • "Internationale 2000" on Miami Resistance Volume 1 (Kinetik Media, 2005)
  • "Here For One Reason" on CTNERMX: Volume 2 (pHinnmilk Recordings, 2006)
  • "Italian Ice" on MeFiComp: MetaFilter Compilation Volume 1 (MetaFilter, 2007)


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