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Cyril May is an Australian singer and songwriter who often performs with Jack McDonald.

Born and raised on a farm in Hellhole Creek, Victoria, Australia. Cyril's philosophy of life is reflected in the words and music he has been writing for more than 40 years. As a young man Cyril left Australia to work his way through the South Sea Islands and Canada. He finally settled down in Long Beach, California with his American wife Dottie who contributes harmony to many of Cyril's songs.

In song Cyril tells of his personal search for gold, feeling the freedom of hang-gliding, the purr of his motorcycle on the open road and his never ending love of Australia. In the early 1970s Cyril's surfboard washed him onto the beaches of San Blas, Mexico where he met Jack McDonald and introduced him to western style music. The two have since collaborated on several albums, with May performing vocals and guitar, and McDonald contributing various musical arrangements. McDonald, who now lives in Australia, collaborates long-distance with May, and the duo have recorded at least three albums together.[1]

May's first album, Off the Beaten Track, features the hit single "Gold Fever," which was used in the 1999 movie remake of Dudley Do-Right[2] and played as a lead-in to the American Outdoor Channel television show, "Gold Fever".[3]