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VR May Club
Developer(s) Haoh & Desire
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, NEC PC-9801
  • JP: August 25, 1995
  • NA: May 1999
Genre(s) Eroge, Visual Novel
Mode(s) Single Player

VR May Club is an eroge for Windows 95/98 by Milky House/JAST in May 1999. It is a port of the original Japanese NEC PC-9801, which had 16 colors, which was released in 1995-08-25.

Players assume the role of Hajime, a man who is about to get a full-time job and is looking for a date. This is done by entering a VR-machine in a popular attraction called "May Club" (pun on "make love"), where players interact with people from across great distances as if they were right there with them. The number of tickets to access May Club are limited however, so players must plan when to enter May Club to meet the woman of their choice. There are ten women in all and each one is very different. This game focuses on many different themes, from S&M, to lesbianism, to a lolita complex.

The game is known to be quite difficult, due to the planning needed on when to enter May Club to meet the right people, as players can enter in the morning, afternoon, or evening on any given day. The game has a time limit, and by a certain date, the game is over, regardless of whether players managed to get a girlfriend or not.

However, each of the women players meet while in the VR machine has a secret they are hiding, ranging from the fairly normal to the absurd. Because the VR space isn't as secure as the company thinks, anything could be possible. One woman is a hacker set out on having fun exploring the virtual space. Just how much she's affected is up to you to find out.

Two hentai scenes were deleted from the English version of the game because in those scenes, the characters, Misato and Kirara, appeared to be underage by US standards. However, the programmers removed the images only from the game, not the programming, and with a hex editor or patch, the scenes can be viewed. There is a patch that restores one of the scenes into the game fully translated, and another that adds the graphics from the second scene back into the CG gallery, but the second scene still has yet to be translated.


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