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May East (also known as Maria Elisa Capparelli Pinheiro) is a Brazilian musician and an activist.

As a musician, East started her career as a singer in the band Gang 90 & Absurdettes in 1981. In 1984 she released her first single, "Fire in the jungle/Índio", in Brazil and The Netherlands and some months later, her first album, Remota Batucada. The music was an original brand of electronica, folk music, and new wave pop. East also released the albums Tabapora and Charites. She moved to England and then to the Scottish community of Findhorn, where she focused on ecological activism and started giving lectures and seminars. She recently released new albums: Cave of the Heart (with the Findhorn Community Chorus), Cosmic Breath (with her ex-husband Craig Gibsone), and 1001 Faces (solo album).

She has also played a prominent role in developing relationships between the United Nations and the Findhorn Ecovillage, culminating in the launch of CIFAL Findhorn in 2006.