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May Li (Li Hongmei) was a semi-finalist in 2006 in China Central Television's Win In China, which is similar to the television show The Apprentice in the United States.

In June 2006, Li was one of the six people from the United States chosen to participate in the nationwide game, which initially had more than 120,000 contestants. They traveled to Beijing, China, where for two weeks they participated in simulated business games and tests of physical endurance, including a grueling hike on the Great Wall of China. After two weeks of intensive contests, the original number of contestants was whittled down to 36, including Ms. Li.

In August 2006, Li founded the non-profit North American Chinese Entrepreneur Association (NACEA), which seeks to create a home where motivated Chinese American and other minority professionals with entrepreneurial spirit in North America can share their business ideas and experiences and help one another build business plans and teams.

From 2006 to 2010, Ms. Li served as the President of NACEA. On October 24, 2010, Ms. Li announced during the banquet of NACEA's first annual conference that she stepped down from her role as president in favor of Mr. Yong Guo. Ms. Li remains in NACEA as the Chairman in its Board of Directors.

May Li is the Managing Director of RimLife Green Technologies, a firm that develops and promotes green technology products.


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