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May Ling Su
May Ling Su.jpg
Su in 2011
Born1973 (age 45–46)

May Ling Su (born 1973) is a pornographic actress,[2] feminist,[1] and self-described "menstrual artist".[3]


Su earned a bachelor's degree in Communication Arts from the Ateneo de Manila before she moved to the United States, where she first started out in the adult film industry in 1996 by making movies with her husband, Jay.[1] She still primarily directs herself but has also worked with other directors, including Max Hardcore in 2002.[2][4]

In 2010, she published the art book On My Period, in which she had made art out of her menstrual blood.[3] That same year, she was also named one of the Porn Saints (known for their "pornoartistic approach to religion") by the art project of the same name.[1][5]

Su has been portrayed by many other artists, including American photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders (who has dubbed her as one of the 30 most important porn stars in America[1]), in his book XXX: 30 Porn-Star Portraits and his HBO documentary Thinking XXX[6] in 2004, and by Swedish punk painter Karl Backman for The Museum of Porn in Art in Zürich in 2011.[7][8] Another portrait of her is on permanent display at the Erotisch Museum in Amsterdam.[1]

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