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May Wood Simons (1876-1948) from a Socialist Party postcard, circa 1914.

May Wood Simons (May 10, 1876 – December 3, 1948) was an American writer, teacher, and socialist.[1] Simons was the translator of several books by German-speaking European Marxists, including Wilhelm Liebknecht and Karl Kautsky. Simons was the wife of Algie Martin Simons.

May Wood Simons' papers are held by the Wisconsin Historical Society.[2]




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  • Karl Kautsky, Frederick Engels: His Life, His Work and His Writings. (Translator.) Chicago: Charles H. Kerr & Co., 1899.
  • Karl Kautsky, The Social Revolution. (Translator.) Chicago: Charles H. Kerr & Co., 1916.


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