Mayagüez City Hall

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Casa Consistorial De Mayaguez
Mayagüez City Hall is located in Puerto Rico
Mayagüez City Hall
Location Calle Candelaria,
Plaza Colón, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Built 1926
Architect Arq. Carmoega and Ing M. Font Giménez
Architectural style Classical Revival and Neoclasical
NRHP Reference # 85003046
Added to NRHP December 2, 1977

The Casa Consistorial De Mayaguez or as it is more commonly known Alcaldia de Mayagüez is the City Hall for the Municipality of Mayagüez. It is located in front of the Colón Main Square facing the Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria Cathedral.


The first building was built in the 1845 and was destroyed by the earthquake of 1918.[1] The original building housed the municipal offices, a jail, a telegraph station and the guard corps.[2] The current city hall was built in 1926. Its main entrance emphasizes itself with an imposing portico, and a tower with a clock.[1] Its beautiful facade is of the neoclassical style, worthy to observe for its Corinthian capitals and its grecoroman columns.[1] The architect was Carmoega and the Ing. Font Jiménez, it was built by Ignacio Flowers Lorenzo; and Adriano González was the contractor of the work[1] The Mayor that ordered the new city hall was Juan Rullán Rivera.[3] It has great interior space. It is prodigal the height of its ceilings and the amplitude of the stairs that facilitate the double traffic.[1] The parlors, rooms, offices and other services are benefited of the high dimension, environmental clarity and proliferation of vain.[1]

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Coordinates: 18°12′04.00″N 67°08′23.00″W / 18.2011111°N 67.1397222°W / 18.2011111; -67.1397222