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Hubert Gregg (14 July 1914 – 30 March 2004) was a BBC broadcaster, writer and stage actor. At the end of his life he was probably best known for the BBC Radio 2 "oldies" shows A Square Deal and Thanks for the Memory. In an earlier era he had also been a novelist, a theatre director and a hit songwriter.

Born in Islington, London, he worked for the BBC from the 1930s onwards, wrote the wartime hit "I'm Going To Get Lit Up When The Lights Go up in London" in 1943, and on seeing the German doodlebugs flying over London, composed the song "Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner", which became a hit and London folk anthem in 1947.

Gregg spoke German fluently, and during the war worked for the BBC German service, to such good effect that Goebbels assumed he must be a German traitor.

He was married three times: his first wife was musical comedy star Zoe Gail, with whom he had a daughter, actress-writer Stacey Gregg; his second wife was the actress and singer Pat Kirkwood; and finally, in 1980, he married Carmel Lytton, with whom he had two more children.

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