Mayday (novel)

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Mayday, Novel Cover.jpg
Author Thomas Block with Nelson DeMille
Publisher Putnam Publishing Group
Publication date
November 1979; January 1998
Pages 346
ISBN 0-446-60476-3
OCLC 38146516
Preceded by By the Rivers of Babylon
Followed by

Cathedral (DeMille)

Orbit (Block)

Mayday is a 1979 thriller novel by American author Thomas Block. The novel was updated in 1998 by authors Thomas Block and Nelson DeMille and re-released as a paperback.[1]

Plot summary[edit]

A supersonic passenger jet flying over the Pacific Ocean is struck by an errant missile. Due to the effects of decompression and oxygen deprivation, all but a handful are incapacitated. Three survivors must attempt to land the airplane, despite attempts to cover up the disaster.

Film adaptation[edit]

Mayday was adapted in a television film that premiered on CBS-TV as a Sunday night movie on October 2, 2005. The movie stars Aidan Quinn, Gail O'Grady, Dean Cain, Charles Dutton, Michael Murphy, and Kelly Hu.

The name of the airline in the original novel was Trans-United (a possible merger between TWA and United), but changed in the movie to Pacific Global (a fictional airline from another thriller novel, Shadow 81 by Lucien Nahum). Other differences included navy pilot Peter Matos refusing to destroy the stricken airliner and diverting to an aircraft carrier (he was originally tricked into ditching his plane at sea), Harold Stein staying on board the flight (in the novel, he committed suicide by jumping from the airliner with his wife) and insurer Wayne Metz replaced by Anne Metz.


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