Mayeul Akpovi

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Mayeul Akpovi
Born January 5, 1979
Nationality Beninese
Occupation Photographer

Mayeul Akpovi (born January 5, 1979) is a Beninese photographer.[1]


Passionate about photography since late 2011 in Besancon (France), Mayeul Akpovi specialized in time-lapse technique. He spent his childhood in the streets of Cotonou (Benin[2]) and part of his career (as a developer) in France including Paris and Besançon. His photographic work is focused on the capture of time and space as accelerated video called time-lapse or stop-motion time-lapse hyperlapse. Mayeul Akpovi is known through his tribute videos to the city of Paris that quickly propagated around the world. In July 2013, Mayeul Akpovi performed the first hyperlapse video dedicated to an African city.


  • 2012 : « Besançon in Motion »
  • 2012 : « Paris in Motion », (Part I), (Part II), (Part III) and (Part IV) - (Videos featured on Vimeo and YouTube).
  • 2013 : « Cotonou in Motion », first experience in Africa.

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