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Coordinates: 54°58′19″N 1°36′58″W / 54.972°N 1.616°W / 54.972; -1.616

The Mayfair dance floor in 1961

Mayfair Ballroom was a ballroom and concert hall situated on Newgate Street in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. The oblong room was built to hold 1,500 people and had a small stage along one of the longer walls.[1]

The ticket hall

The venue hosted Europe's largest and longest-running rock club, spanning four decades.[1] It was also host to a popular rave music event during the early 1990s called the Rezerection. DJs and live PAs including Carl Cox, Joey Beltram, Grooverider, Njoi and The Prodigy played there.

Artists that played the venue, early in their careers, include AC/DC, The Who, Free, Pink Floyd, Queen, the Police, the Prodigy, Black Grape, the Cross, Kylie Minogue, Tin Machine, U2, the Clash, Iron Maiden, Faith No More, Judas Priest, Bodycount and Nirvana, The Glitter Band among others.[1]

Led Zeppelin's first ever live performance in the United Kingdom was at the Mayfair Ballroom on 4 October 1968.[2]. Free's final live performance in the UK took place at the venue on 20 October 1972. At the end of the show, guitarist Paul Kossoff broke the neck of his cherished Les Paul guitar after uncharacteristically throwing it into the air in frustration.

In 1999 the Mayfair was demolished to make way for a leisure complex called The Gate.[3] The closing night was attended by 5,000 people.


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