Mayfield Falls

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Mayfield Falls
P1220021-The rope bridge at The River Walk.jpg
Rope bridge on the River Walk to the Mayfield Falls
Mayfield Falls is located in Jamaica
Mayfield Falls
Location Westmoreland, Jamaica
Coordinates 18°21′08″N 78°04′55″W / 18.3522°N 78.08201°W / 18.3522; -78.08201Coordinates: 18°21′08″N 78°04′55″W / 18.3522°N 78.08201°W / 18.3522; -78.08201[1]
Type Multi-step cascade
Number of drops Twenty one[2]
Longest drop 3 metres (9.8 ft)
Watercourse Mayfield River a tributary of the Cabarita River[3]

Mayfield Falls is a waterfall in Jamaica that comprises twenty one widely spaced small cascades[2] on the Mayfield River, a tributary of the Cabarita River Mayfield Falls is in Glenbrook Westmoreland Jamaica.[3]

The tallest cascade is the upper most of the twenty one; called "The Washing Machine" it is about 3 metres (9.8 ft) tall and large enough for a person to enter.[2]


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